REPORTS: Chip Kelly being vetted at Florida

SEC Country reporting Florida going for Kelly.


They are also interested in Scott Frost at Central Florida. People at Nebraska are holding their new AD’s feet to the fire to go out and do whatever it takes to hire Frost. He was a great player for them back in the 90’s. If Jeff Long lets Bret Bielema go, he better seek out the advice of people who bleed Razorback red before he consummates his next selection. His days of unilaterally hiring coaches without getting advice from anyone else who understands Arkansas culture are over.

Not only a great player, look at the Great coaches he either played for/coached under. He has said in the past he wants to come back to Nebraska to be the HC. Things change :wink:

folks thanks for the responses, sorry for the half-cocked post. I was posting this early this morning then got a call and work sort of started and been with it all day.

That said…

What I really wanted to say was that I still think he’s out there ready to work. I think the right offer and right place gets him. Why not try?? who knows…we keep saying long shot but hell he’s not working right now. how do we know he wouldn’t want to take the job?

I do agree with other posts on Frost…I think FL will take a hard look at him as should we. I agree if Nebraska comes calling he’ll go.

All I know is this ain’t working, and we need to carefully select the next coach.

Even though there a rule in the SEC about hiring coaches with troubled past here we go again. Chip has a show case from his Oregon days and left them in trouble.
I sure don’t want his pay to play rear end.
Sounds like a good fit. I hope Florida ends up on probation with him as HC.

He never paid anyone to play… Do your research please