REPORT: LONG IS OUT … kansas-ad/

Can it be true?

sECCountry is reporting the same thing.

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Can it be true?

Apparently so…it is all over the internet.

The money men will go to running the athletic department now! That’s not a good thing. Hire a yes man as AD and run it in the ground.

247 and Otis Kirk are reporting the same. Otis says his sources are confirming

Bleacher Report: says the same - Reports: Jeff Long out as Arkansas athletic director

Was he fired or did he resign?

every report I’ve read has said fired…I guess we won’t know until the official release/press conf

It’s about time there was some furniture moving around in Fayetteville. He said alll the wrong things over the last year and a half. We need some new energy to take the program in a direction of respectability. Bert you are officially a DEAD MAN WALKING.

My mom who works at the University (Alumni office so not connected and in the know) says that it’s floating around that they are talking to Gus about being AD and HC.

The odds of that are 1,000,000,000 to 1

Half the fan base would be ticked if this happened.

Ok… clarification… I asked where she heard it (my assumption was within the office)… nope … KNWA said something this morning. Sorry for the knee jerk rumor mongering.

The days of football coaches being athletic directors and still coaching are gone. Too big of job for any one person to be successful. AD’s are now like CEO’s of big corporations. Big TV money has changed the landscape of college football. Very few AD’s remain that were once football coaches.