Reggie Chaney

I’m watching him on ESPNU right now and he is man child.

Player of the game

Chaney’s not scoring a lot of points today like yesterday, but his defense is stellar. His team is going to lose, but they are also playing the #1 player in the countries team J.R. Barrett. Barrett was having his way with everyone, EXCEPT, when Chaney was guarding him.

I haven’t seen Chaney play till the last two days, but I’m excited to have him. He’s a scrapper and strong as a bull.

Yep, seems like he will be an upgrade at the four for sure

Chaney plays defense with an attitude! He is a stopper on defense. I agree with you that he is an upgrade at the 4. I think he plays with the same type of effort we see from Hall!
The overall recruiting class is an upgrade!

Back in July after seeing him in Vegas.