Just going over our football commit list. The lists of schools offering most of the commits is impressive, but I was just wondering if these recruits are other teams top priorities or their plan B’s, C’s, D’s, and so forth? Schools can offer one hundred kids if they want. So are these kids legit SEC caliber players, or just other schools hand me downs? I ask, because recruiting “Experts” like Dawson, Davenport, and Kirk usually swear up and down that Every class we sign are the turning point in the football teams fortunes. But in most cases, these players couldn’t make it on most other SEC teams scout squads. CBB’s classes were mostly busts. Hopefully Coach Morris’s recruiting eye is better than CBB’s.

To the best of my memory, I have never said that a class is a turning point for an Arkansas football team in 27 years on this board or in the 36 years that I have been following recruiting class.

I have said some fit needs, some are under-rated, some will have more immediate contributors, some didn’t have enough good prospects and some did not have enough at a certain position.

Such as LB and the OL with this class. They need 2 more LBs and 2 more OL for sure to me.

I think this is a really good class. It’s ranked 14th by rivals and that’s as high as one has been since 2002 when it was at 15 going into signing day and 16 coming out.

I also don’t consider myself an expert. Just a reporter.

As for your question, most of the 20 - not all, but most - had legitimate offers from schools such as Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Clemson and so on.

There are a couple of commits with just a few Power 5 offers, but most have numerous and are ranked high legitimatelty

Appreciate the response Mr. Dawson. Yes. This class on the surface seems to be a good one. But my initial question remains. Schools can offer as many kids they want. Are these kids truly Alabama’s, Auburn’s, or LSU’s top priorities? Or are they back ups in case their top choices go elsewhere? Arkansas has signed plenty of four stars over the year and a few fives as well. Many of those have either never made it to campus, never cracked the starting lineup, or transferred out. After so many years and so many "can’t miss " players being busts, I’m a bit skeptical of recruiting rankings and how many stars or who offered who. Is Coach Morris a better recruiter than we had in past years? I don’t know and with respect neither do you sir. I’m willing to give Coach Morris three to four years to show me something. I will accept no winning record this year and next year. But if significant progress is not made by the end of year three, then we will know if He is the real deal or just another gamble that didn’t work out.

I would like to know how having 60 recruits at the Alabama game is good for recruiting. What’s the logic?

Over the last 60 years, in good years, Arkansas would have a good first team, but not a good second team. Lack of good second team players is the reason Frank Broyles usually lost in the fourth quarter against Texas and the reason Houston Nutt implied Michigan beat Arkansas.

Almost half of Arkansas’ recruits could play anywhere and the majority of rest wouldn’t make most SEC 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd teams and I suppose it will be the same for this year’s recruits.