I don’t follow recruiting closely, but always enjoy reading Richard Davenport’s coverage on the kids that the University of Arkansas [and yes, that’s Fayetteville :roll: ] basketball and football programs are trying to sign.

MA and staff have certainly done some outstandiing work involving the players on their way to Hogville in the not too distant future. The guys the Razorbacks are going after in football seem to be equally impressive, given the quality of programs that BB and staff are oftentimes competing against. Personally, with the NW Arkansas area and everything involved there, as well as the state of art facilities and rabid fan base, I would think that the coaches have a reasonably good chance of landing some of these kids, especially if the winning percentages on the field can get back on track and continue to improve.

Whether you like the HCs or not, at their salaries, they should be expected to put a quality team on the court and field. From everything said and written, both Anderson and Bielema are players’ coaches and seem to promote a family oriented atmosphere with their recruits and respective programs.

The dog days of summer are on the way, but all told, the approaching season has the potential to be a special one for both FB and BB, in my opinion.

Woo Pig.