Why don’t we see more discussion on recruiting anymore? Is it the new format or am I missing something? Where have all the old posters like NC Hog and others gone? This site seems to be dead.

Most are commenting on the recruiting board.

Thanks BH, but how do you get to the recruiting board?

You have to pay Dudely for the privledge.

I don’t know who these guy Dudely is, but I know I’m not getting paid any extra for subscribers who sign up for the premium service

I just work here and follow the rules like everybody else.

The emphasis on “character” in recruiting is beginning to show up in the young men who have been interviewed recently. Quality, humility and values seem to come through in the interviews with these young men. I attended a FB clinic many years ago when coach Grant Teaff spoke on this subject stating that too many “characters” with athletic ability were being brought into programs instead of athletes with strong character. His statement was, “Unless we as coaches, especially HS coaches, don’t police this and demand that athletes be held to a higher standard because they have been blessed with a greater amount of talent. Those of us who have been blessed should give more because of the blessing we were given. Yet, each one of us are responsible for working and there is no free lunch program in athletics.” Seems ironic that such a fine man who did an outstanding job as an ambassador for a university, that that university would fall so far on the very issue. Quality character with talent will eventually bring success. Keep up the good work coaches!

When you’re on the main page, there should be a line of words that are actually links. If you see the first one, Forums, click on it and it brings up a page of different boards (football, basketball, recruiting, etc), just click on the one you want to see, however, you have to pay to see the recruiting board. If you did, then you should be able to see the conversations, if not maybe Dudley or Richard will post a free article on here from time to time, if they can get the owners to allow it.

My apologies I was under the impression this was the Hawgs Illustrated forum repackaged and repurposed.

Crazy how I got that idea…

Personally, I like the way you spelled it… The Dudely sounds like a great character in a Coen Brothers Film. :wink: