Recruiting tells you a lot about Society today!

Every 5 star athlete is going to the same 7-8 schools every yr. When you can pick 48 out of 59 games correctly as I did last weekend in CFB, and get 6 in the NFL wrong, then you know there is no competition or parity in CFB anymore… At this rate in 10 yrs, no one outside of Alabama or SC will even watch, because the games are just too boring. Alabama will beat Arkansas by 56, it’s just ridiculous. And those idiots will applaud like they beat someone… If Saban could actually coach, and not just recruit, he would have won 10 Championships by now.

As long as the money continues to flow into the NCAA coffers,and the toadies but kisses at ESPN cheap lead the status quo, nothing will change.

Sorry . Meant kisses. And cheap lead.