Recruiting part 2

After watching our Hawgs lose to another SEC opponent, I made a quick look at our commitment list. I must say, the list looks impressive.While most recruiting services have the class around the top 15 in the country and middle of the pack in the SEC, I still can’t shake the feeling we’ve been down this road before. Are these kids players we REALLY be the likes of BAMA, Auburn, and LSU for? Or are these kids just their plan B,C,D,or whatever for the upper tier teams in the league. Don’t get me wrong. Being ranked near the top 15 nationally is good to hear. But we haven’t really seen what these kids got. Remember all those stud offensive linemen CBB recruited? Yeah. Most never panned out. Just look at our beefed up defensive line CBB recruited also? One of the worst D-lines in college football. O-line too. Look. I hope CCM is a much better recruiter and judge of talent than CBB. Only time will tell. Until I actually see some results on the playing field, I’ll take what coaches, sports media, recruiting experts, and services with a grain of salt.

Excuses excuses,I’m almost certain CBB or most any high school coach in the state wouldn’t be 2-7 with this poor underachieving untalented group.

Usually about 10% of the players Arkansas signs would be 1st team starters anywhere. However, in a sense you are right. Alabama, etc. also needs good second team players; players good enough to play their best for a few minutes to give their first team play a little rest. Mostly, when teams like Alabama’ also offer, they are players that would be on their second or third team.

However, that is the way it is for most teams since they never have top recruiting classes. Before you can recruit with the best, you must first be one of the best and that is close to impossible without first having the best players.

I disagree with you on this part, I think you can out scheme teams with better players and beat them. Once you beat them with less talented players, the better players will come. You also have to have coaches and players that buy into the system.

Bingo! You need some luck as well.
We’ve had good teams in the past that had less talent and won. Those teams had heart and fought to achieve the wins. They had discipline and played together.