Recruiting ? - is BB in on any JC O-linemen

that could enroll in January and become starters for the 2018 season?

Three or four quality OL, with JC experience, are surely needed, IMO.

2018 schedule sets up for Arkansas about as well as I can remember. Nine wins wouldn’t be out of the question if BB can shore up the OL and our QB works out like some of us think he will. … hedule.php

Richard mentioned a guy from Iowa Western CC. I think his last name was Ryan (6-7, 300?). He transferred there from Murray State. He would graduate mid-term and be here in January with two years to play two. Iowa State and Missouri are among others courting him. Supposed to be here this weekend on an official visit.

When we lost Pittman we lost our ability to recruit good linemen. Pittman who turned down a Bama offer was thought to stay with Bielema fir a long time but something apparently happened.

Since then 4 star recruits are sitting the bench while freshmen start in their place. But the OL isn’t the only position where recruiting has been subpar. TE, LB and secondary we can find recruits that are not panning out. Recruiting at Ark is dead and I don’t believe we’re going to get SEC caliber players with Bielema as coach. That chance has past!

From this, it appears that he knows he has to have immediate help on the OL.

Whatever happens this year, I think BB will be back for the 2018 season. But if he tanks in 2018, that will probably be his last go round.

He has to get some men that are ready to play when they get on campus.

Just would like to point out that he has recruited JUCO Lineman the last few years, freshmen are still starting

totally agree Smash, it all started sliding when Pittman joined his good friend Jim Chaney at UGA. Pittman and Randy Shannon were easily our best recruiters and both were position coaches at positions of great need. i dont get the benching of Wallace either, i assume he is eternally in BB’s doghouse because last year when he started he was doing rather well.

i dont believe recruiting will suffer at certain positions because of Enos’ reputation. we will always get good Qb’s, rb’s, and tight ends because of the pro style offense he employs. i think our tight ends arent bad, we’re just used to Hunter Henry and Jeremy Sprinkle who were both obvious NFL players who could do everything the position required. our tight ends this year do one thing well but not all. O’Grady is a receiver, Cantrell a great blocker. i think we’d be seeing alot of Gunter if he wasnt injured, he fits more of the mold.

i think we’re in for long season, but i was encouraged by Enos’ innovation in using Cole Kelley and Chase Hayden. that gives me a glimmer of hope for future.

Baked, BB’s performance with JUCO OL is duly noted, but if he wants to survive the 2018 season, he best get some men that are ready to go by August 1, 2018. Though, honestly I’m sure it won’t happen.

Personally, I would prefer he wouldn’t be here, but who ever is, I’m getting tired of watching the so-called dominate OL BB espouses, getting their butts kicked every week.

I’m not making excuses for him, but watch the Dallas Cowboys (supposedly best line on all of football). They don’t look to good right now.

As for AR, understand your comments, but why would I expect a JUCO to come in and start next year when we’ve had one (Tretola) that I can think of that actually did it. Even transfers have had issues. So, the freshmen and SO with a year, two years of experience should be able to hold off any new guys. Honestly, IMO, the biggest issue will be who plays C next year, not who will be guards or tackles.

Hey guys,

We currently have about 21 O-Linemen on our Roster, Ten of which are either Sophomores or Juniors. So, why haven’t the coaches been able to motivate and develop at least 4 or 5 of these guys over the past couple of years to surround the “Rock of Ragnow” that we can depend upon.
It should be such a rare occasion at a program like ours that we would ever be put into a situation where the best options for us at O-Line positions would be a true freshmen.

That’s sad

We’re on the same page, I think. With most teams having players that have bad days, games and some even whole seasons and can’t seem to get it right after previous seasons of preforming well.

But that’s not what I’m thinking with the current crop of OL. If they don’t show something in the next game or get it turned around before SC, I think we have maybe 3 more wins this year if we can beat Missouri, thats it.

And, next season, who besides #51 at LG is performing well enough to beat out the newbies being red shirted. And, that’s my point; if BB wants to field a team that has a chance of winning he needs to sign JUCOs that can do the job.

Of course if he can’t find and sign them, 2018, will be more of the same, IMO.

Size is great, speed is essential.

It is. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems; it appears there is either a problem identifying talent or a problem coaching them up. Could be some of both, I guess.

Particularly puzzling with as many OL as coach Bieleman has put in the league.

It doesn’t much matter since BB is not competent to evaluate and coach an SEC O-line. I am sure BB could do a good job coaching an individual O-Lineman but coaching them into a unit is too complex for him.

OL is the most difficult position to play. You really have a small group of people who have to switch responsibilities , before, and as the play progresses. Over time they get to understand how the guy to their left or right, or both, will handle a certain situation. Just going out and getting people who are talented isn’t enough. They have to have chemistry.

Motivating people to play is not easy as well. Some people just don’t love playing football as much as others. They have all sorts of talent but don’t put the talent to use. When in high school, your playbook didn’t consist of situational progressions as it does In college. So if you haven’t seen that before, picking it up takes years to master. I truly feel that the blocking scheme is too advanced for many of them, and it might be more NFL driven. But if you simplify the blocking scheme then you become bi-demential and easier for defenses to scheme.

In this type of offense, you need smart players who know how to use their hands, and can move their feet. I’m not certain they have the bodies that meet that need.

You know what, that makes sense. Anderson did come from the Bills. Not entirely sure, but I don’t believe Pittman did. Maybe that’s why the line two years ago did so well (and were so Big).

I’m sorry guys, but you are way over analyzing the offensive line schemes. Sure, Anderson is in year 2, but Enos is in year 3 as offensive coordinator calling every play from scrimmage. I don’t believe I’ve seen a huge difference in play calling since he’s been in charge, same sets and packages in the run game and pass game. QB under center with full back, tailback. QB in shotgun with 1 back in the backfield, 2 TE sets, multiple wide receiver sets, the occasional jet sweep that is run a couple times per game, screen pass plays, play action pass plays and now a bit of WildHog set.
I’m confused how Brian Wallace went from starting the final six games last year with the same offense and was talked about glowingly during the offseason all a sudden can’t figure out his blocking assignment? What’s changed?
There has to be something else going on that we just don’t know about because if not he should be on the field. The O-Line that we have been putting out there is going to get Austin hurt at some point during the season if this is truely the “Best Five” that we have on our roster.
I fear for him when they line up against Alabama, Auburn, LSU and Mississippi St. which all have power inside and speed on the outside.

As for the Defense, this unit is just simply being made to play so passive that we will give up many yards and points all season long. Very disappointing thus far. Perhaps we just don’t have they horses on the roster this season to implement the 3-4 at an effective level.

I think we can all agree that we need a dedicated special teams coach because we are horrible in all phases.

You don’t develop chemistry and trust on an O line until the group gains game experience. The talent is there it’s up to the coaches to develop a solid group.
There are mistakes that will happen but you can’t compound the problems by having AA hang on too the ball and wait to be Sacked or hit. I think it will improve with Kelly being taller at QB he’ll be able to see the field better and he is more physical

Next year will be the year I will make a judgement on Anderson’s ability to Judge talent. We won’t have any clue until last year and this years recruiting clas hits the field.
I will say this if they are not going to play those O lineman that will be Junior and seniors next year send them packing ! There’s reason for the kids to hold a schaolrship! I can see a freshmen or Sophmore needing to develop but not Juniors or seniors. If a kid has been on any campus for 2 years and they aren’t making the strides to compete for playing time your wasting your breathe !

I don’t understand the special teams aspect either. Scractching my head on that one for a while

On WHS “Best web comments of the week”…that was the strongest batch of Kool Aid they have ever put out…and as usual very bias and one sided…LOL