Recruiting in CFB is the problem

I don’t care what ANYONE says, if you are down 34-0 midway through the 2nd QRTR, you either have:
(1) a catastrophic recruiting issue in the sport.
(2) Really bad coaching.
(3) All of the above.

The NCAA is happy with the perennial powers in football remaining on top. I have to say that it’s gotten to the point where it’s so predictable to see which programs are most likely to have a clear path to the college playoffs and that is starting to get a bit boring.
Perhaps, they should drop the scholarship number down from 85 to 77 so that some of the talent gets spread out just a little more equally. That “77” number would allow each team to have a full depth chart of 3 at every position and 11 more for specialist and specific positions of need.
For goodness sake the NFL plays a 16 game regular season with a 53 man roster.
This will probably never happen because those at the top of the sport would feel it may hurt them, but I truly believe it would be better for the game overall.

Go Hogs!