reckon charlie can still......

coach defense? appears he’ll be available soon. maybe not soon enough. course the horns got a d that looks like this.

I agree that its coaching. We beat Ole Miss and they are almost a clone of Auburn but with a better QB. The talent is there. It this game and the aTm game we looked slow and out of position and not tackling well. OL looked weak and clumsy this time as well. Maybe its going to be an up and down team all year. HOGS YA’LL.

I say get rid of Rob Smith and Paul Rhodes. CBB needs to stop hearing people he know and people that used to work at Iowa. If given the chance he needs to hire Charlie Strong the first chance he gets.

Strong is not the answer. He has lost his luster from his days at Florida. We need to recruit Texas and Louisiana and need to find a coach who has ties there.