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Adapt with the rest of college football or get left behind, we look good only when we are not trying to win time of possession.


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Got our butt kicked instead of coaching, comprehend?

Me too, Richard!

Me too, Richard!

Would you like a tissue.

That’s debatable. We moved the ball fairly well, just couldn’t finish. Call it bad play calling or bad luck, but we were there.

Jeff’s employees are out in full force. Don’t you know that Bert did everything perfect ? This is on Dan Enos or the RS. Bert is perfect and doesnt make mistakes. He’s uncommon and doing it the right way. If you question that on this board expect to be berated by the derp crowd.

I call it JR HIGH SCHOOL level coaching.

Amen, To that… The TCU game was good proof too. We score 24 points in 60 minutes and them score 14 in 10 plays. Or something like that… When we play where we have to score… it seems we are pretty good at it.

And Generals reply to you is more proof that he is not that swift in actual football knowledge that his reply is “What” If he can’t figure your post out why is he in a football chat room?

Expectations went up after the TCU win and they should have. I thought we might have a little bit of a let down after that win. Its NOT the style of offense that lost the game IMHO but the lack of leadership on the OL and their will to dominate. Now the defense, it is clear that we were OUT OF POSITION on the QB runs and that one is on the coaches. We will likely be 4-1 going into the TIDE game so lets all hope the seniors and the coaches can pull it together or the the Tide is going to lay it on us in two weeks. HOGS YA’LL.

Our big bad O-line cant get an INCH! All that weight and we cant move nobody back an INCH! 1 INCH!!! Then we try to trick a A&M for an inch…ABSURD! Kick a FG and play defense coach…he knew we couldnt get that inch after the 1st two goaline stands. Develop the talent and have our guys ready to finish drives CBB…that defense cant hold a team forever! They tried their best but the offense (particularly the o-line) has to do their job on finishing drives and scoring TD’s. At 300 lbs per man on the o-line we should NEVER try and trick anyone for an INCH! Get that O-line ready to play SEC football coach…Austin Allen and Rawleigh Williams III deserve better #WPS