RE: Hire CBP!!!

Ok, Ok… That is not really the topic…

But it seems that headlines like that are about the only thing that generates and conversation. Les Miles getting fired, generates 4 replies so far? With this format we have lost many of the knowledgable college football fans and the majority in the new format seem like they don’t read the sports page (or in this day and age “click” on the sports page. The majority of those from WHS site were much more interactive in a variety of CFB topics.

Come on Matt, restore our little bit of entertainment!!!

No, the reason the board is dead now is because of a few a$$hats that hijack every thread crying about BP.

I think if you look around here, there is a variety of conversation and feedback, but a certain few on here just want to harp on a certain subject over and over and expect others to just finally wilt and follow YOUR lead.
Sorry, it wont happen here, some of you just need to expand your mindset and be a little more diversified.


Come on Jimbeau, you know BP is the greatest coach in history of sports. He’s so good he has won the last 12 NC’s in FB, BB, Baseball, and track. I bet if you let him try he’d win the gymnastics one to

Petrino would split split the fan base worse than Nutt did his last couple of years as coach. Petrino would do that from the get go. No program ever does that after a coach leaves in scandal. Way too big a hurdle.

I know you’re right Bake, silly me. BP was instrumental in all of those track and field championships also.

Just curious, did you have any comments, or thought on the articles that have been posted recently?

Miles firing?
Winning the time of possession?
Only dropping to #20 in the rankings?

Anything? Or just name calling? What is a good blog for you?
Poster 1: Go Hogs
Poster 2: WPS
Poster 3: Love the Hogs…

Exciting stuff…

Come on General… You have opinions other than calling people names.

Your thoughts on Les Miles firing?
Your thoughts on winning the time of possession?
Your thoughts on only dropping to #20 Think that is correct? UCLA loses to #8 TAMU in OT and is beating # 7 Stanford for 59:34 mins and they are unranked?

War, Don’t you get it that is not the topic? This is proving my point… you have nothing to offer on any of the legit topics that the writers have presented.

So this is it… If you want to have interaction with anyone on this board… you have to tee it up as “CPB ……”. My guess is that many on here see the Article that Les Miles got fired… go…… Who is Les Miles?? The old board had guys with football more college football knowledge.

I agree :twisted:

Impressive football insight.

OK, you want to argue the relevance of Petrino as message board fodder on a Razorback board. It is just constantly re-hatching a subject that means absolutely nothing anymore. While a very small number may wish to argue it over & over. Most people do not and you also must remember that many people read these boards and never choose to comment. Many would come here seeing Petrino topics constantly and think we are deranged. I guess they would be right in some instances. About Miles, no shock, I thought they would fire him last season.

Forget this BP stuff. I want to know where the leadership on this team went on those two goal line stands and the defensive play. Yeah,the coaches got some responsibility here too. We are a good enough team to have beaten TAMU-that sticks in my craw big time and the TEAM had better get cleared up or the TIDE is gonna lay 50pts on them again. HOGS YA’LL.

No, I would enjoy some legit football topics, which are few and far between.

I think we are lucky to still be in the top 25. And looking at our next opponent in Acorn State we will have to win by about 40-45 pts to stay in the top 25. I thought that Les would make it thru to the Tide game at least and if they managed an upset he would be retained. I want to see an improvement of mental toughness and will to win on our OL SIMPLE. I want our defense better aligned and prepared and NOT OUT OF POSITION anymore. Coaches ans seniors need to pull that together! HOGS YA’LL.

This board obviously does not have the volume of posting as the disqus board. However what can those merely posting do about that? Not a thing. Also, these people posting are not the problem. A few of those that were on the old board signed off on that first complaining board Topic thread you posted. If anyone is to blame for the sparsity of conversation on this board, it is them. However, they are gone probably mostly to the many other boards and most have surely already forgotten this site. You are just preaching to the choir. Do some checking, find those in charge of WHS. A few phone calls or e-mails should accomplish that. Complain to them as long as they allow. That is all one can really do. This board may build over time. I notice it gets new members constantly.

Opinions are fine, but I agree with HB that a few people are using this board to bring up Petrino and it’s getting annoying.

On Miles: He should have been fired last year, but LSU doesn’t have the money, so unless their donors shell out a WHOLE LOT of money, I don’t think LSU will get as top a coach as they think. Maybe a great up and comer, but probably not a Tom Herman.

Time of possession: For us it’s important. It gives our defense time to adjust and catch their breath in a hurry league like the SEC is becoming.

#20: I honestly thought it would be lower. I didn’t think we’d drop out of the top 25, but I figure 23 was probably as far as we’d go based on the other top teams that lost Saturday.

What head coaching job did you turn down, CFB genius?

I wonder if the “paid side” of the forum topics are as bland and pointless as I find these or it’s better organized and fluid. I’m sure the format is the same, but this side’s choice topics is like kicking cans around a ghost town…