RB Walker on short down situations

I understand Walker is a super senior, but whats the purpose of putting him in on 2nd &10 or 3rd &8 situations, instead of 1 or 2 yards till a first down scenarios? He doesn’t have the speed to outrun even most lineman in the sec. I notice him trying to cut east and west and I don’t get it. Whaley would’ve broke a few of them plays, and I love Williams game but I thought he was faster. He’s not the biggest so I expected some crazy speed.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Whaley will get his chances, so will TJ Hammonds. They need to be ready to do more than carry the ball. They must be able to pick up the blitz and protect their QB. Until they are reliable there, coming in the game will be waving a red flag in front of the defense, “Hey look, I’m gonna carry the ball!”

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Much has been said, here in the early years of the Bielema era, about the collective size and poundage of the Arkansas OL. However, in prior seasons - and thus far in this current season - I have noted a prevalent difficulty on the part of ALL of our RBs - including Walker - to gain more than a yard or so per carry per play. I’m inclined to surmise that either (1) the OL is getting little or no push on the opposing DL in order to spring our RB’s free and give them a sporting shot at attaining a nice head of steam beyond the line of scrimmage or (unlikely) (2) Walker and the other backs don’t have the inherent power to help forge their own breathing room and running space, fail to see the momentarily opened holes at the scrimmage line and adjust their attack accordingly, or simply do not possess the power and drive to overcome first contact at the line.

Review, if you so choose, the number of plays in which the Hogs were essentially stuffed at the line of scrimmage in our first two games. I don’t know about you, but that is a weighty concern for yours truly. The most prolific, fleetest of foot RBs on earth can’t show what they can do if they are incapable of getting beyond that line of scrimmage and into open field.

On several occasions last Saturday, one or more TCU defenders came through our OL unblocked and unaccounted for. That should be inexcusable. NO offensive scheme can succeed if defenders are reaching the QB or the RBs before the play can develop.

What say you?

I think it has to do with the opposing defenses stacking the box with 8 players to stop the run. Throw in some stunting and blitzes and we are being stopped on obvious running downs. It may take more success with passes on first down to open up the running game. JMO

“…stacking the box with 8 players…” may have been what TCU was doing. I looked to me like they had more players on the field.

Yep,TCU was definitely shooting the gaps and run blitzing. What I haven’t seen yet are short passes to the running backs-can you imagime RW3 in the open field! Maybe that is what we will see in the A&M game. HOGS YA"LL.

Well we may have been stuffed a few times, but Mr R Williams iii unstuffed m for a measly 137 yards at nearly 5 ypc average.
So yea when it’s 2nd or 3rd and short, and everyone knows Cody Walker or any other RB getting the ball, all we gonna get is short yardage. And that all we gonna show everybody for now.
But in the very near future and against SEC competition, some wrinkles will unfold with this offense and those stacked, stunting, blitzing defenses will get burned on those short yardage situations by Enos and Allen and Co.

I think all of the comments on this thread are correct. Also, I think the coaches are strategically setting things up for the future. As sure as I say to myself “why do we keep running that play”, we break one or surprise with a well executed pass play. I admit I have trouble with my patience with this offense…

Even though you need to gain yardage, pounding the ball with his big body also helped wear out the smaller frogs. Extra plays also means more TOP.

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