Razorback only channel?

I saw some kind of meme on FB about ESPN considering a channel for just Razorback games (all sports I presume) sounds too good to be true, but I am very frustrated. I have Dish network…no cable available in my community. For the Rice game I finally got the ESPN app installed on my smart TV, BUT when I tried to use it I got a notice “Your game has not yet started”. That continued until far into the first quarter. When the video finally appeared there was NO audio. I had to watch on my computer screen (watchespn.com) which had a 30-60 second+ delay from real time. I would pay whatever the asking price is for a Razorback channel with no issues. Still, it sounds way too good to be true. Anybody else see the “ad”?

There has always been a significant delay on any TV from real time. Part of that is they build in a delay on live telecasts in case of blatantly non family friendly language.

True story from the 2007 LSU game (CBS national). My parents decided to come over and watch the game with us, sitting in our living room. My son, being frequently antisocial, watched by himself in his room. We were both hooked into the same Comcast cable. At the end of the third overtime, my son yells “Interception!” It was a full five seconds before we saw Litterral Richardson’s pick in the end zone in the living room. If there’s a five second lag on the same cable in the same house, imagine the delay from stadium to satellite back to earth to CBS or ESPN to your local affiliate/cable company to you.

Same exact thing happened to us on that LSU game. Also, the Rice game on my ESPN app was at least a couple of minutes behind Chuck.

I had Chuck on the UA app and the stream on my computer at the start of the game. It wasn’t quite that much but I’d say 30 seconds between Chuck and the video. And I’m figuring the app had some lag for Chuck too.

The delay started out at about 15-30 seconds but by games end it was at least 60 seconds delay between my computer screen and TV screen. The bigger issue for me was NO SOUND using the ESPN app on my TV stream. Apparently I am the only one who saw a meme for an all Razorback ESPN channel??

This may be what you’re talking about, agingalum. But it appears to be describing an ESPN+ channel, which is still streaming.

Figuring out how to view Arkansas vs Rice was ridiculously complicated. It’s about time that a new Razorbacks channel resolves this mess.

I’d also be extremely glad if and when that happens!
Although I feel the pricing might be unjustly high.

For me the Rice game was no more difficult than watching virtually every baseball game this spring. Not sure exactly why others had so much problem. Perhaps I’ve been dealing all along with things that some of you confronted Saturday for the first time.

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I just wrote a lengthy reply, but it didn’t post, Yes what you posted is what I saw.

Only issue I had was my stream was behind youdaman’s. He made a comment on the game thread about a few plays before the play happened on my stream, but that was the only issue I had

Same problem I had. I quit trying to keep up with HI thread. But only had that problem in the 2nd half.

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