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Dudley Dawson pens a well written article involving the upcoming basketball season and wholesale change with the roster. From everything written, CMA seems to be genuinely excited about the influx of new talent.

No idea what happened with Hall and Jones, but I would agree with many of the other posts. I wish them both well, but it’s time to turn the page and focus upon a group of talented young men to carry on what is becoming once again, a Razorback tradition - making the big dance.

Times are different, but Nolan took the success and winning tradition built by Eddie Sutton and developed a culture to go with it. Not only were NCAA appearances common place and expected, but deep runs became more the rule, rather than the exception. It takes time to develop a culture.

Personally, I have always liked Mike. In my opinion, he is doing things the right way, and hopefully, in time it will be back to the future.

Cautiously optimistic.

Go Hogs.

Amen… WPS!

Good post!

WPS! I believe coach A will get it done and bring us a championship

Blessings to Coach A! He’s a good man! Go Hogs!

He also enforces standards on and off the court. Unlike Mich State

With much needed recent signing of 6-10, 255 Ibby Ali at back-up center to spell Daniel Gafford, would Mike Anderson’s new 8 man class mean an upgrade in overall talent over last season’s NCAA team? Can next years’ team reach similar heights or maybe surpass last season’s success?

Isiah Joe 6-2 170, Desi Sills 6-3 175, Keyshawn Embery 6-3 185, and New Mexico transfer Jalen Harris should collectively make up for the losses of Barford, Macon, and Beard as far as play-making.

Jordon Phillips 6-6 215 swingman ~~~~ appears ready-made to contribute at similar levels of Darious Hall in 1st season as a swing and at 2 guard spot

his handle, size/sturdy build, rebounding, better overall offense could be > slight upgrade over Darious Hall @ the wing position.

Mason Jones 6-5 175 3 pt shooter (catch and shoot) ~~~~~ appears equal to CJ Jones.
if he has a mid-range game/play a little defense > he should be an immediate upgrade over CJ Jones

And all of these guys can shoot the basketball, they all have collective perimeter skills that should equal what CJ Jones, Barford, Macon, and Beard brought to the table perimeter-wise.

Ethan Henderson, Reggie Chaney should be really nice upgrades at the PF position given the size we landed at back-up center Ibby Ali in addition to intangibles and effort we get from Mr Chaney replacing what D Hall brought night in and night out as a freshman.

Ibby’s size, raw athleticism and potential for now= Thompson.

With Garland another good sized downhill guard added to the fold–I think the Hogs sufficiently replaces Barford on a collective scale and this could be key to the Hogs going further into the NCAA tourney next season unless we also get some breakout seasons from several of the newcomers and returning players.

I expect greater improvements from D Gafford (in enriching his stud NBA skill-sets), Osabouhien 6-8,219 (who should be > than Thomas and Cook combined) and Adrio Bailey as returning players being good at defense, hustle, rebounding, and overall team energy.

Coach Anderson look to have very good reasons for keeping Hog success going into next season for another SEC and NCAA post season run…maybe another sight set on the Sweet 16 and beyond–even with a younger team now led by a supremely gifted player in Gafford.

To answer the highlighted portion. From an individual standpoint, the team is better. This year’s freshmen have more size, length, athleticism, and skill set from 1-13. As an example of what I mean, my personal opinion, is last year we had one bonafide NBA guy. We had two more that may get time in the NBA, but mostly will play overseas, and a few that’s career ended when the season ended. This year going up and down the roster, I see four bonafide NBA guys, and everyone else should play professionally at some level. So, as individuals our talent went up.

Now, as for a better overall team, I don’t know. It depends on how they mesh and if any have the attitude problem that has been rumored about from this past year. We will see.

We don’t have 5 star players like Kentucky and Duck. Therefore, until near the end of the year, I don’t expect much from our 8 freshmen. Until they develop, we are going to have to rely on the 3 returning scholarship players and the two transfers.

It’s hard to say how next years team will compete. The one benefit is that most of them have played together before, some for years, so meshing together will be more of a challenge in doing so with the returning players.

Talent wise, yes, we are better overall, but it’s hard to overcome have 7 freshmen stepping in to replace experience. So, it’s a wait and see game.

BUT, my personal opinion, there is still no reason we can’t make the tournament again. With Gafford down low, we’ve got the centerpiece to have a good season.

Hey guys, best basketball thread I’ve read in awhile. Have a couple things to add about Mason Jones. It took me a week of looking everywhere for a good highlight video of Mason before I finally found a long one (nearly 35 minutes). Here’s my synopsis of the video and the link to it:

A few things about his game surprised me:

  1. He’s not exceedingly athletic and doesn’t have big hops. I didn’t expect super athletic, but I thought he would have big hops due to his big rebounding numbers.
  2. He has a really nice looking stroke and quick release on his 3 point shot. He can make it spotted up and off the dribble. He doesn’t make it at the very top of his jump, but uses his legs to help the stroke. it’s more like Curry shoots his, quick off his hands.
  3. He is a rebounder like Grant at TN. He gets great position and has excellent timing. This video shows lots of rebounding. Notice how often you see 2 or 3 guys involved that are taller than him but he seems to get the rebound every time through his great timing and “want to”.
  4. He’s just a baller. Good sound smart basketball instincts and great effort. Mike’s kind of player.
  5. One thing to look for, is his passing instincts. That was really a pleasant surprise for me. Good passer in all phases, outside in, interior passing, and on the break. I wasn’t expecting that.
  6. Don’t look for dunks, there won’t be any. He had many opportunities, but didn’t take even one. He shows he can finish in traffic, but it’s through body twisting, bouncing his tough frame off the defender, up and under the basket, etc.
    He is #2 and will be wearing either white or orange uniforms. The first few minutes of the video, I was thinking “what the heck”? They must have shown 20 free throw attempts. That gets much better later on. I like this highlight because it shows all aspects of his game. shooting, passing, rebounding, defensive steals.
    Love to hear your comments on strengths and weaknesses.

Personally, I’ll be surprised if he isn’t a major contributor and starter (or starter minutes) early in the season. And, the best part is he’ll have 3 years (if the NBA draft doesn’t grab him early) to play for the Hogs since he only played one year of JUCO.

Mason Jones Freshman Highlights
https://www.hudl.com/video/3/6997905/5a … 0e54256263

edit: Meant to mention, the video may take a couple of minutes to load, but don’t give up, it should load. You don’t need to worry about the “sign up” at the top of the sheet - you don’t have to sign up to HUDL to watch the video.