Rating the Razorback offensive line

and other comments by an SB Nations writer. Some of the information is good but a lot is “preaching to the choir” stuff. Worth a five minute read, I think.

The writers closing paragraph is rather telling. Makes one wonder why BB can’t figure that out.

“Basically, Arkansas can’t keep running a line-dependent offense with this quality of line. The Hogs need to get better or change the scheme, especially with a new quarterback coming in. For this season, getting better is the only choice.”

https://www.arkansasfight.com/2017/9/26 … nsive-line

126 out of 130 in sacks given up…what O line ???

Another writer in another blog talks about Brian Wallace and the fact he is not starting as a Jr. In the Spring Anderson was singing Wallace praises talking about how he put together a video highlight to show other OL how it should be done but now he is not starting? What gives?

What I’ve read more than once is that Wallace, however talented he is, doesn’t know the playbook or at his assignment. “has to be told whom he should block on almost every play.”

I surely don’t know that to be factual, however.

Honestly, the offensive line issues are very concerning when we are now in year 5 of the Coach B era, the O-Line has been his calling card since his arrival in Fayetteville.
So, What’s the problem exactly? Is it lack of recruiting, coaching / developmental or a combination of both?

I’ve heard about Wallace and the playbook for what I hope is the last time.
How difficult can it be to come up with a signal that everyone knows their blocking scheme…straight up, block down, pull, pass pro, block and release for screens. I believe you could come up with a color code for each block if you wanted to do it to help any player that is having trouble remembering blocking assignments.
If the player is physically good enough to make a difference in the game then for God’s sake get it done.

What’s going on with Merrick, 4 Star recruit from Florida? Why has he been on campus for a couple of years now and not been developed to the point where he should be a factor. He and Wallace have the size that is needed for the Hogs to dominate most opponents except for Alabama over the remainder of our schedule. Coach B should not be putting blame of a kid and telling reporters that some of these guys just haven’t stepped up and some true freshman are better options. What he should say is, We haven’t done a good enough job in developing these underclassmen over the past couple of years to the point that they are prepared to step in and play as starters this season.

The switch to the 3-4 defense has not thus fart proven to be successful with the fact that we have coaches that are scared to turn there athletes loose and let play aggressive. We’ve gotten basically no pressure on QB’s and it hasn’t stopped the QB from making plays with his feet either. I’m not sure what the coaches are afraid of, turn em loose and let em make plays, can’t do any worse than playing conservative and giving up 50 Points.
Who wants to hear about “Chunk play progress”? No one cares about that progress when the chunk plays you do give up result in points.

Good luck Hog Fans

I assumed that was the case when reports of the coaches putting a speaker in his helmet in the spring and fall. I honestly believe the biggest problem with this team in general is between the ears in one way or another.

Yes, the biggest disappointment for me with the move to the 3-4 is the conservative nature of what we run. I was hoping for an attacking 3-4 and a Joe Lee Dunn attacking 3-3-5 when we went nickle but no it is the same friggin bend but don’t break annoying defense with an extra linebacker as always.

4 - 3 to 3 - 4 with basically the same players, same HC expecting different results = definition of insanity

Can’t stop the run, can’t control opponents passing game, and giving up chunk plays that led directly to points. Lots of them in the TCU and A&M games. Particularly A&M.

I had high hopes for the move because looking at the roster we had a lot of “tweener” DE who it would seem would be great in this system but we are doing what we always do, playing conservative. Geeze we are getting killed being conservative I would rather we gamble and blitz all the damn time at least if we get beat then it looks like we are trying, right now we look like we are letting the offense dictate everything.

i dont mean to sound facetious, but we’ve all heard that Wallace has the most talent but struggles comprehending scheme. from what i see, on most of our offensive plays at least 1 of our lineman actually on the field doesnt know who their blocking either. besides Ragnow, they all make multiple mistakes during the game. if we all agree that all of them make multiple mistakes a game then i would think you’d want the most talented/best athlete out there playing simply on instinct. couldnt be much worse than what we’re already seieng. i believe Wallace, Merrick, Rogers and Heinrich were all 4 star recruits and we’re starting 2 walk-ons in our line playing in the SEC west where basically every D-lineman they match up with is a 4-5 star recruit. im not berating the 2 walk ons who start because they play hard and get job done most of the time, but most of the time only cuts it in the Big Ten apparently. its hard to consistently combat god-given ability with effort because at least some of the time the player with more talent will play as hard or harder than the walk on. and the god-given ability will win 10 out of 10 times in those instances and will win 5 out of 10 when they give minimal effort.

we started slipping when Pittman joined his buddy Chaney at UGA. 2yrs ago nobody would argue the hogs O-line was among best in nation. i cant point to whether its recruiting, scheme, etc. but a significant drop had occurred.

If I was coaching either Wallace and Merrick would be on the field playing or they would be gone.
Putting them on the field would let them figure it out as players and also make the coaches figure out that those 2 need to hit the road!
We are getting our brains beat in anyway.
Don’t even say bend don’t break. I hate that phrase. This is the poorest excuse for defense I have ever seen. No aggressive nature to it at all. This is same crap we watched last year only difference is one more LB. sorry piss poor defense.
If I’m going to get beat the opponent is going to have to fight for every inch they move the ball. Joe Lee could call a defensive game!

“F” because CBB has no idea how to coach and O-line in the SEC.

Agree. Don’t know who , but wouldn’t be surprised to see some OL in the few, or many, that are encouraged to move on. I think BB realizes he has to sign players in the '18 class that contribute next fall. Reason I think so is what the JC tackle that visited this weekend. Was not contacted or recruited by Arkansas until recently, apparently.