Quotes from Houston Cougars' President

After hiring (promoting actually) Major Applewhite as HC, here what she said:
“The winning is defined at University of Houston as 10 and 2,” she told faculty and staff at the annual holiday party at her home. "We’ll fire coaches at 8 and 4.”
That’s almost impossible to achieve in SEC-West if not named Alabama/LSU/Auburn/A&M
and next:
“Think about our business model. We hired the best, got the best out of them and made money on the exit,”
That’s really interesting. Hope JL will learn something from it and handle his coaches in a better way.
Well, there is one thing we are (kind of) better “continuity.” We don’t have to worry about other schools poaching our HC. He will be here…

If they are going to fire at 8 - 4 Applewhite shouldn’t unpack the way I see it unfolding. WPS

Why? They have a fertile recruiting area and an easy schedule most seasons. I think perennial 10-2 in the AAC with their recruiting advantages over just about every other program in their conference is very doable. Tom Herman might be the one that should wait to unpack.

It really hasn’t been possible for anyone in the west except for Bama and to a lesser extent LSU. Auburn and A&M have been on 4+ loss streaks.

We are definently not where we want to be and I agree on one major point. We need to define what success looks like at Arkansas. I say its 9-3 or 10-2 records on a regular basis with a blooper year in there once every 4-5 years. Further,I think we give HC’s their whole contract term to get there and then maintain. CBB has what-2years left? HOGS YA’LL.

Why can’t JL make a contract that depends heavily on results?

  • 1.5 mils for 5-7 or worse
  • 0.5 mil for each win after
  • Additional 0.5 mil for Div title … and so on
    I am sure coaches will work harder and be more creative that way.

Because no one else in the country does so.

I admit that a contract based on performance would be VERY interesting. I look at the bonuses and maybe they are not thew way to go. Besides, just because everyone else DOESN’T do it does not mean that Arkansas can’t. Probably won’t happen though. HOGS YA’LL.