Gerry Bohanon is suppose to select his choice of schools on Tuesday, and hopefully, will be decked out in Razorback red before the end of the day. With Connor Noland already on the A train, the talent level at the quarterback position should be top shelf. Hopefully, Noland will stick around for a while, though from everything said and written, the Bigs may be calling. If Bohanon does sign and plays ball in the spring, the competition should be intense. Cole Kelly may have a cannon for an arm, but I have a feeling that he will be pushed in light of the new offensive philosophy under Chad Morris. With the right coaching and style of play, Ty Storey may have something to say about the outcome, as well.

In my opinion, Bielema and staff made questionable decisions at times involving player personel, including the quarterbacks. Spring ball should be a load of fun and interesting at the very least.

Go Hogs.

So anything yet on Bohannon’s choice?

Not a word.

Not till 2

Bohannon to Baylor

So should we be hugely disappointed that he chose Baylor? Was he a QB that could have fit into Morris’ style? I fear we have a huge hole at QB next year.

I don’t know about hole, we have 3 QB’s, that I know of, on campus right now. I’m just not familiar enough with Morris’ offense to say who would be better suited for his system.

But don’t worry folks, we’ll get Grant Gunnell next year. Mark it down.

Good luck to this young man but I’d rather focus on the kids that want to be razorbacks…next.

Of Course we should be disappointed that Gerry Bohannon chose Baylor over our Hogs. I realize that he probably felt like this would be his quickest path to playing time, but playing time with whom and what…for those who believes that Arkansas has a ways to go in the rebuilding process let me tell you we are light years ahead of the Baylor Bears, they are a true dumpster fire!
He will be playing for one of the worst teams in D1 Football period.
Its a shame that our previous Coaches didn’t put more emphasis on trying to secure the states best player earlier in the recruiting process and perhaps this would have turned out differently.
All the best to this young man, but for Arkansas fans all we can do is turn the page and support those young men we have committed to be Hogs!

It is very disappointing to see Gerry Bohanon choose Baylor over the Razorbacks. It’s hard to follow the logic and while BB should have recruited him sooner as a quarterback, I wish both the kid and his family the best, regardless.

Moving on, it’s difficult not to still be jacked up with Chad Morris and the offense of the future. DC will be a major hire, but the competition between Cole Kelly and Ty Storey at the quarterback position this spring should be intense. As I recall, Ty was a 4* in high school and did really well. He has been given a new opportunity. Cole Kelly is said to be “the franchise” from the Bielema era with a bazooka arm. In my opinion, Storey will push Kelly for the starting nod. Connor Noland will also be a good one, if he stays on campus [duh… Fayetteville :roll: ] long enough.

Go Hogs.