QB Situation

As much as I admire Allen, I don’t like his body language after every play. He seems to want to whine rather than trying to encourage the troops. Even Bielema said that the players really like Cole Kelly. I know we are having OL issues and WR’s getting open but a leader needs to be more positive!

The WRs call Kelley “Franchise” he can throw the ball 70yrds on a rope. At 6’7" and 260+ he will truck Linebackers like he is Cam Newton. I don’t know what the hell is going on with Allen but it is time to move on.

Devwah has realized he is no longer the featured back, he isn’t the back up, Hayden and Williams are salt and pepper, my opinion, the team responds by blocking for them with more intensity. Austin has lost the command his team, leaders don’t whine and complain, it started last year and continues. I like him but he needs to sit at least next week.
With all the young talent if Kelly plays awesome next week it may be time for a change.

With CBB seat getting hotter by the day you can be sure if he thinks a QB change would make us a better team he will make the change. I’m sure CBB is growing weary of the whining, but I don’t look for him to call it out publicly at this point. In AA defense he not getting enough protection but you can’t sit back there and just hold the ball all day either but the whining has to stop if that’s what it is and it sure look like it to me. All in all I thought we showed we can mix it up on offense and get them off balance with the wild cat and with Cole coming in and making plays. If you don’t have a dominant O line you cant run the ball effectively in the pro style and so far we don’t have a dominant line. WPS

Agreed…we need a youth movement, I think these older players were a big part of the late season problems last year and are continuing it today.

It certainly has become the norm. I can’t recall any other QB that notably … reactive even where his team is getting dominated. Surprising as much as it is annoying (sorry, it just is to me). I’d really thing the coaches would pull him out for a series or two. There’s passion, and then there’s … well … you said it.