QB Depth and Talent

Austin Allen has solidified his spot as the starter, but the backups are worrying me. Peavey, Storey and Town were battling all spring and summer until a 6-7 Freshman steps on the field. The 6-7 freshman was moderately rated out of HS, but he looks like he is good enough to be #2.

Was Kelley under rated coming out of HS? Is Enos that good at QB evaluation to find this guy?

Are Peavey, Storey and Town over rated?

Why is Kelley able to get as comfortable with Enos’s system as guys that have been here for 2-3 years?

Do our existing QB’s have great arms or athleticism but can’t grasp the PRO style offense?

I’ll get roasted for this but…

Town has ability but he is a few years away. Peavey and Storey are great kids but they were big fish in small ponds and it shows against top flight talent. Neither are D-1 QBs in my humble opinion. Both could be very good QBs at Arkansas Tech or Henderson but not in the SEC.

I think you are right about Peavy. Not sure we have enough to determine on Storey yet. Town, I dont know enough to judge.

Been listening to DTS. TB is very impressed with Kelley. Says he can make all the throws. Reminds him of another #15 in that regard, but more mobile. Not ready as a #2 yet, but could be branded QB of the future. Tries to force things sometimes. Things he got away with in HS, that won’t play out against SEC talent.

My thoughts are these. He may likely be the true #2 this year, but hopefully would never see the field. I would hate to see his RS pulled for mop up duty. If AA goes down for an extended period of time, that would be a different story. If he can clean up the things he is trying to force, I would not be surprised to see him step in as the starter under those circumstances. Next year the battle is on, and someone transfers for PT (JMO).

I agree with you to a degree. I think Peavey and Storey are better suited for a Sunbelt team.

I applaud your straightforward, unvarnished assessment. You’re likely to draw some caustic feedback from disgruntled dissenters for your incisive forthrightness - - but there is no overtly personal element in your evaluation; therefore(in addition to my having perused your previous postings of fact-based analyses), I’m inclined to value your judgment.

At least two high school QB commits are destined to soon enter the mix; having seven or eight QBs on hand might be a bit much.

You’ve got to take a QB - or 2 - every single year. It takes a series of 3 plays for #4 to be looking for his helmet. Some people get their feelings hurt. Some move on. That’s the way it goes. That said, I think Storey can compete.

I said this on the old board and was vilified for saying it. A national recruiting guru made a comment that Kelley had the skill and ability to walk in and start, as well as, end up being the best QB out of everyone on campus, including BA who was there when the comment was made. So, underrated? Absolutely

I read an article that quoted Dan Enos as saying something along the lines of “if there is a HS QB more ready to play at the college level, show me.” All the reports I hear are testaments to his athleticism, strong arm, and ability to make college level throws.

FWIW, I have also “heard” that some of the players refer to him as “the franchise.” We may have a real QB battle next year.

Looks like Rafe is leaving. Best of luck young man. You are total class.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.seccountry.com/arkansas/why … e-surprise”>https://www.seccountry.com/arkansas/why-rafe-peaveys-transfer-from-arkansas-shouldnt-come-as-a-huge-surprise</LINK_TEXT>

I think I will trust Enos and CBB on whether these kids are SEC caliber elite. What top flight talent have you seen them “show against?” When you compare Storey and Peavey to Brandon Allen, there appears to be little difference in talent. Enos did well with Brandon. He will do well with the other QB’s as they gain experience. Maybe better, in the end, with Kelley, but that remains to be seen.

When you have a five star recruit QB who could be at USC or Bama right now and he is not beating these guys out at Arkansas, you got some talent. I trust USC’s, Bama’s, and CBB’s humble opinions on QB talent a little more than I trust yours.

I find it difficult to believe that a true freshman could beat out Town and Story for the #2 position as highly rated as they are. Nevertheless, I suppose it could happen but I am not in a position to know. Therefore, I am going to assume that Story or Town is #2 and will battle for #1 until I see otherwise.

Storey was named as the #2 at today’s NWA Touchdown Club meeting.

Ty Story has been named the back-up to AA. I’m with you guys-I think after having read what coach Enos said about Cole Kelly that the battle for starting QB next year is ON! HOGS YA’LL.

Yes, he is. God bless him.

The greater preponderance of Razorback players, I’m very proud to say, have historically always exhibited class. A number of other programs - from time to time - have featured a multitude of players who were minus the “cl”.

QB competition next year is gonna be off the charts when Cole Kelly has two years a little more coach Enos under his belt. AA had better pull it all together this year. IMHO. HOGS YA’LL.

Well, sounds like Rafe can’t perform due to injury and sitting out a year is the best thing that can happen to the unfortunate truly committed Hog. Publicizing that helps no one as I understand. Not seeing these guys play, makes us all guess what is going, but sounds like we do not have a true #2 QB and they are trying to spin it like the other guys beat Rafe out.
Great fan of CBB, but he isn’t smart enough to make me believe that.

CBB either wrongly naming Rafe #2 ---- which I don’t believe because his judgment is not that bad ---- or you aren’t telling the truth now ---- and I understand ---- but watch your image there. Truth is your friend.

I’m not going to question the coaches on this one. They get paid a lot of money to know more about these things than I do. I just think Rafe is a great kid. I wish him a speedy recovery, and would love to watch him play. Hope he can break into the starting rotation, and has a great 2 years.

Echoing previously stated posts in this thread, I would most assuredly give greater credence to the constantly fluctuating evaluations of Bielema and Enos rather than to the dissenting nitpickers who appear to be second guessing the coaches’ priority depth chart.

Every individual has the basic right of disagreement in differentiation. Everyone has a basic right to his or her own opinion - based upon whatever factors he or she deems to be exclusively appropriate for him or her. I, for one, have no intention of flouting the considered assessments of our coaching staff, - - whose total emphasis on prioritized player rankings is predicated upon advancing the validation of whomever affords us the best chance of winning - - - - and NOTHING else.