Problems accessing insider forums

For the 2nd time this week I can’t access the insider forums. I was told earlier in the week it was a systemic problem. I can see that posts are being made in there so is anyone else having this issue?

I, too, had that issue earlier this week. I actually had to sign in about six times. Finally, I clicked on one of the articles and it made me sign in to read it. It’s worked fine since. Maybe try clicking an article and see if you’re logged out that way. Hope it fixes for you

This sometimes happens to me when using either my iPad or iPhone. Each time I access the site I look at the upper left hand corner to see if I need to login.

I’ve logged in and out, read all the articles… I’ve not had any issues reading the articles unless I log out then try to read one then it will ask. I log in, it lets me read the article then I go to the forums and well…

The IT for this site really could use some help…

Remember that there are two logins required. You must login to the WholeHog Sports page as well as the forums. (WHS lets you read articles, but not post. It’s weird.) The site is doing weird things this AM. I just had to log back in to answer this post.

Yes, I’m painfully aware of that. Have been on this board for many years… just don’t post much but I read it daily. I’ve logged out of both, back in to both, cleared cache, browsing history and even tried a different browser.

For a paid site they don’t do a great job of managing the systems… if it wasn’t for the great insiders on this board it really wouldn’t be worth the hassle but…it is.

I’m not an insider; - - - - so I suppose that’s my problem.

I live in a retirement community close to a nice, large lake named Lake Access. - - - - - - (At least that’s what the sign on the adjacent highway says.)


Theoretically aren’t you supposed to be a paid subscriber to view/post on the insider boards? Altho it seems this functionality gets turned on/off at various times of the year. I not a subscriber but have been able to view/post to insider boards but since Aug 1 have not been able to.

Yes, you are supposed to be a paid subscriber… and I am. But for 4 of the last 7 days no access to the forums (insider ones). I can read the articles but not access the forums. If we don’t have resolution by tomorrow I’m cancelling the membership and looking for a refund. This is just crazy… I mean just delete and recreate my account… can’t be that hard and if it is I"d find a new IT solution.

I am just seeing your message. Our tech team made a tweak last week that might have had an effect on some accounts. Please send an email to and someone in our customer service will be able to get your account corrected.

Matt, or a mod, can you put the email you posted above in the FAQ’s under login problems? I have issues sometimes and I’m sure this email would save a ton of headache

It is already there, listed under How to contact Customer Service.

Thank you, didn’t see it. Guess I’m getting old

Thanks Matt… I’ve been working with support for the last week. They are supposed to be contacting me when they get the problem resolved. I’ve only had access 3 days in the last 8 and this is day 4 of this occurrence.