Who came up with these predictions! :shock: WOW!!

What predictions would that be?

The one on the thread.

Arkansas 24
Texas A&M 14

And I predict that Austin Allen steals Trevor’s girlfriend at the end.

Dang GH, ur going all out!!! Lol 31-27 hogs

Scratching my head here. :?

But I will Predict 34 - 30 HOGS!


Arkansas 38

Texas A&M 31

Hogs 28
aTm 20


Hmm… Hogs… 20 TAMU - 38

Ark wins 24-23

I don’t know

I don’t know

Will we win?

I hope so

Pundits spin this thing, you know

Picking Aggies - five in a row

A&M’s a real tough foe

I don’t know

I don’t know


Whoever owns the redzone, shall the winner be known? :slight_smile:

A&M is one and a half times the TCU team on offense and defense probably and CBB can do some more good things with this victory as much as being overdue for a nice victorious accomplishment over Saban next week. Can CBB perform a sweep this time? He had a chance to overtake both Sumlin and Saban late in the 2nd half of both games the last TWO seasons. Hogs have proven to be the better team during the majority of BOTH of these intense games. This trend of being better will continue again tonight~ being better than A&M throughout the game like the past two Hogs/A&M and Hogs/ Bama games where Hogs were the BETTER team for MOST of the game. If the Hogs don’t win tonight, there’s no shame as Texas A&M looks to a pretty solid football team on both sides of the ball just like Arkansas so I expect a Hog loss would only come very competitively such as in overtime in order for A&M to have any chance at all at a victory.

So being a homer, I seek for continued ascension to elite QB status by Austin Allen this season as he is set to do great things as a Hog QB with his continued maturation, maybe ascending to within top 5 QB in the country. His strong command of the game in the face of what will be 1st round NFL caliber A&M defenders again along with CBB’s vintage offensive game plan and Enos’s masterful playcalling could be the winning wildcards against a solid A&M team as I now lean to having more confidence in the Hog defense’s 4th quarter adjustments and improvements this time around.

I am predicting a well earned Woopig 31-24 non-overtime victory.

Go Hogs!!!

aTm 31 AR 28

If we don’t score 50 we will lose badly.
We won’t score 50.

I was waiting for your prediction. You almost jinxed it