Predictions! Who do the Hogs draw?

Let’s have some fun…Who do we draw today?

I will predict we play Dayton!

South Carolina a #7 get a good draw vs #10 Marquette (19-12)…wow

Good Lord Mich State a #9 seed at (19-14)

Ughhh #8 Hogs vs #9 Seton Hall…lol winner gets #1 North Carolina…terrible draw. We are in South Region which is Loaded.

  1. N. Car
  2. Kentucky
  3. UCLA

one announcer said this is a “glamour bracket”

Vandy gets #9 seed vs Northwestern at #8. Obviously SECT weghed a lot for Vandy and nothing for us and SC was evidently locked in at #7 seed for God only knows why.

Really good teams. The bright side is that Memphis should be almost a home game.

totally baffled at how SC is seeded higher than us, when we have more wins, beat them at SC, and our schedules were very comparable. they not only get a higher seed but they play first 2 rounds in Greenville, SC. we get a lower seed and dont get to go to Tulsa. SC was absolutely playing their worst basketball at end of season, while the hogs were playing their best. its confusing, because we never know what criteria the committee uses to seed.

Why in the hell would they send Miami to Tulsa and Arkansas to Greenville? We are both 8 seeds and switching the 2 would help both fan bases.

They want as many ACC as possible in the sweet a16 and beyond!

I think it stems from early season perceptions of South Carolina having beaten Michigan and Syracuse when they were ranked in Top 25 getting the Gamecocks into the Top 25; then a victory over then 19th ranked Florida in mid-January (all home wins); and fact they have the SEC player of the year in Thornwell who projects to be a “steady” star for them in the one and done NCAA tournament.