Position analysis by S. Borderlon

OMG! This offensive position analysis article has got to be one of the most obsurd things I’ve read in quite some time.
I mean, other than the breakdown of players gone and returning we really can’t project who may play or not play with a brand new coaching staff and offensive scheme. I believe and hope that every position will be an open competition from day one of practice and regardless of how much or little someone has played in the past this staff will put the best performers on the field on game day.
If underclassmen are actually a better fit for what our new scheme will be then allow them to play, develop and gain experience at all positions especially O-Line and QB. Personally, I don’t see Cole Kelly having a long sustained role in the new oaches offense. Some of our Redshirt Freshman and Sophomores could possibly be better options on the O-Line than some of the upper class men whom have played but not played all that well.
I’m just hoping for wide open competition for every position on this offense because honestly no returning starter should feel that their play last year should guarantee them anything with the new staff.

Over react much?
Scottie gave ONLY a detailed description of who has gone & who is returning.
I am sure he understands & agrees that the starting lineup has not been determined, but will be developed by Coach Morris from the spring & fall camps.
Maybe we all should chill out & let Coach Morris determine who is the best at each position, it is his rear end that will be held accountable for what is put out on the field!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

One of the foremost of the privileges associated with being the “top gun” is that of being able to “call the shots”. Differing coaches do not march in lock step in regard to talent assessment parameters and profile schemes and adaptations. One coach’s prime criteria does not necessarily match up 100% with that of his competitors.