Portal Impact of Player Loyalties & Ties to their College

Interested to see if & how many of the current generation of portal or one & done players who will maintain any allegiance or ties to any one university or who will look at their college days as only a stepping stone or a portal to big dollar pro careers & never look back. That may be more true of basketball but also becoming that way in football, via the portal.

Many former old school UofA players who played several years at UofA seem to maintain strong ties to The University, if not actively a part of the Razorback community & proud alums who continued to promote/support its success after college or pro careers. Recollect the sense of loss when those players graduated after following & watching them play several years for our team. Senior Day on the field may become a relic of past generations.

Will be interesting to see which college team players have allegiance to at the next level. I guess the last school you attend.
But with grad transfers. Spending 3 years at university 1, hone their skills then grad transfer to university 2 for final year. University 1 invests the most in said player, but university 2 gets final recognition.

This is the “ME” generation! They aren’t loyal to anyone but themselves!

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