Popups running rampid again

I can barely read the message boards now…

I agree. Noticed this the past few days.

So far mine are on the right hand margin and not blocking any text. I do not know if the pop up blockers are even used these days.

I noticed a popup over the weekend. We are working with our partners to curb the problem. This is a continual cat and mouse game between website publishers and the scammers; it had been curtailed for several months on this site until the past few days.

Does that net neutrality thing have anything to do with it?

As I understand it net neutrality is about access; internet providers can now speed up data from favored websites (such as ones they own or who pay for the privilege) and slow down or completely block the data stream from other sites. Which has nothing to do with sneaking popup ads onto someone else’s site.

No, this is something entirely different. Every site on the Internet relies in some way on third-party ad services to generate revenue. Bad actors buy up the cheap inventory - typically on the weekend or late at night - and are able to use it to redirect to the scam sites. It happened to me the other night trying to read a story on The Oklahoman’s website.

We partnered earlier this year with a company that helps identify the bad actors, but sometimes some are able to slip through the vetting process and are able to make it through to the public.

Thanks, guys, I am basically illiterate about the overall net. I do not own a mobile device and stick to email and paying a few bills online. Plus a few Hog sites.

This link is killing me: https://cardmemberservices.top/amazon_o … 9034102135