Please, Mike Leach

Just fire B and hire Mike Leach. His unorthodox approach might work. Look, we are never going to be able to recruit and go straight up in the SEC, we MUST go with an ‘outside the box’ approach. It was starting to work with Petrino until his behavior went off the rails, but it is the only path.

Just being honest.


Leach can’t spell defense! We need a defensive minded coach with a wind open mind on offense.
Brent Venables for instance.

Honestly, if Bielema does get canned, then Brent Venables or Charlie Strong would be my personal choices.

Washington State won 28-0 yesterday v Colorado.
They are 7th in the country in yards per game allowed.

Not advocating one way or the other for Leach, but it helps to have facts straight.

If Venables could change his first name, I would say hire him!!! Ha Ha He does know defense and is always in the game on the sidelines. Keep some of the better guys on staff and replace the rest, results would have to improve.

What is wrong with Brent?

LEach would win 9 games his first year here and 10 his second!

I think he would take us back to teams similar to Petrino. With a better defense though, he’s a great coach and wins everywhere he goes.

I think I’m the long run Brent venablea may build the better program, he’s seen and been a part of two great programs, and is a fantastic coach as well.