Please explain

Can someone please explain to me how LSU is a projected 6 seed? Before the Auburn game, we were projected a bubble team with a good chance to not make the tournament. LSU had lost 6 of 7 and was still ranked through most of their losing streak. Why all the LSU love?

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Net rating
Q-1 record
No bad losses

The hogs have 2 Q-3 losses
The hogs are 2/4 in Q-1 chances
It’s called you rewarded for playing a good schedule and you always get the hammer for taking a bad loss.
( Hofstra and Vandy)

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SAO does have a home loss to the Rebnecks which is Q3, but they’re 10-6 in Q1-Q2 games. We’re 8-5 by comparison.

Okay. I get the Q system. But it does seem rather inconsistent. Staying ranked through most of your losing streak? Yes we took bad loses early in the season. But Muss got the team play straightened out. Can you say we would lose to Vandy or Hofstra now? We should be judged by how we play now and the end of the regular season. And so should every other team.

Every game counts the same. We’re dinged for Hofstra just as we get brownie points for Auburn. They intentionally stopped considering when a game was played.

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