Please don't tar and feather me

but I see the ACC going 3-0 against the SEC opening week. Florida State over Ole Miss, Clemson over Auburn and UNC over Georgia. I suspect the last one will be close, though.

I can see 2-1. I think UGA wins the last one, but then we have to listen to all the “talking heads” tell us why the SEC is no longer dominant.

In my lifetime, I have seen shifts in college football and expect there will be more. Once upon a time, the IVY League was a powerful conference, with All American players, then the BIG 10 for several years was the big dog. And the PAC was strong with USC winning several championships.
The BIG ten IMO fell when speed became more important than size and the Southern Schools started to dominate with foot speed. I see no reason that eventually the SEC will not drastically drop, but surely might not be the big dog they have been for the last 20 years. Time and Tide wait for no man and things change. But the SEC will always be strong, just not as dominate as they have been.

The first game of the season is always a strange animal. Its up in the air as far as I am concerned. BTW I would love to see Ole Miss lose. These three teams I hate in the SECW and in this order-bama,lsu,and OleMiss. HOGS YA’LL.

I have not earned an enviable reputation as a prolific football prognosticator; however, I truly foresee Auburn as the only emphatic candidate for failure among the three contests referenced.

However, keep in mind that I’m a guy who bought and drove a Yugo and entrusted my financial portfolio dealings to Bernie Madoff. Draw your own conclusions.


I don’t see it being a case of the SEC no longer dominant. I see it as the top of the ACC vs this year mid SEC. UGA should beat UNC almost any day of the week and twice on Sundays.