Play like you practice.

If we practiced really really hard with great focus on defense and rebounding everyday no way we don’t get to the tourney with this team. We are a decent shooting team, a very good free throw shooting team, we have some depth. If we practiced everyday hard as h not just when we’ve dropped a couple in a row but every single day I would put high hopes on this bunch. I haven’t been to a practice but you don’t lay an egg against Ms State at home and maybe ruin your season if you’ve just put together 2 or 3 or 4 great practices in a row with tremendous focus.

Maybe we can go to A & M and beat a very mediocre team on the road and get this season going. We need it badly.

I think you guys are putting too much “they suck” on Miss St. Don’t be surprised if Miss St goes dancing and finishes 4/5 in the SEC. They’re better than y’all are giving the credit for. Their early losses were because freshmen were getting used to playing D1 ball for the first time. They’re starting to figure it out.

Agreed Bake, MSU has some really good players, just young right now. And Ben Howland is a great coach. MSU will be one of the teams that will continue to rise in the SEC over then next couple of years.

I said the other day (after the game), they remind me of the MayDay team (freshmen year). Scary thing is, if they stay, they’ll be really, really good.

The old sayings “Practice makes perfect” and “You play like you practice” pretty much is correct. If you watch a team play every game all season can you tell what they do and do not put emphasis on during practice? We have some areas that needs emphasis as all teams do, I’m sure these areas are being addressed by MA. just not sure how much emphasis is being applied. I think we can all agree if we can shore up a couple areas we will become a very tough team to beat for anyone.WPS

We’re a guard-heavy team, which, I think, makes rebounding for us a challenge, though surely we could box out better to prevent our opponents a large number of offensive rebounds. Moses appears to be our only exceptional rebounder. As for defense, we might be a little better than last year on defense, but we’re still not very good. Quick point guards beat us off the dribble repeatedly. Often the rotation is too slow. Even if we right the ship, I don’t think we’ll be better than fourth or fifth in the conference at best, and borderline NCAA material. It is beginning to appear that the MSU loss wasn’t a horrible loss. MSU looks as though they have improved greatly as the season has gone on. Weatherspoon just couldn’t miss the night we played them, even when well-covered, maybe especially when well-covered. Still, we were at home, and it was a game we really couldn’t afford to lose if we want to be in the tourney. We’ll have to go about 11-2 from here on in in conference to be pretty sure of a bid. 10-3 might do it if we beat Ok. State, too. These are possible scenarios, but I don’t think they’re too likely. It might be another “wait till next year.”

We’re talking about practice, man, practice. We’re not talking about a game, we’re talking about practice…

Man I’m all pro and all you guys want to talk about is PRACTICE. Talking about PRACTICE…

Think he said it 25 times.