Physical developement

I have really noticed this over the last 2 seasons. I watched almost every SEC team yesterday and it sure does seem to me that Arkansas doesn’t look to be on the same level physically as most other teams. Our receivers are extremely small, our defensive line is small. I don’t mean light I mean they don’t look like they have spent enough time in the weight room. Every player at this level is elite but the one’s that really stand out and excel are the players that spend the extra time getting bigger and stronger. I noticed yesterday that our DL Hall from Springdale looks like he has never touched a weight. The name of the game in football especially is speed and strength. We can’t do much about the speed but we can dang sure be just as strong if not stronger. Until we have enough players that go that extra mile if weight and strength training we will get pushed around. Our DL was pushed all over the place by 4 freshman and a sophomore on a 1-7 team. This should never happen.

It comes down to recruiting and this coaching staff is void of good recruiters. Bielema thinks he can recruit average kids and develop them to be SEC type players and this is the result. Yes I think we have some good skilled players but both lines are substandard as was evidence yesterday facing a Sun Belt team that went toe to toe with us.

Bielema, who I once supported, has lost his opportunity to connect and recruit good players because he has driven this program into the ground. We cannot wait another year and allow him to continue to damage this program. If our administration was brave and really cared about this program he would be fired immediately!

I agree, 11 sacks for the year, that’s pathetic. I have been a Razorback die hard fan and at 65 years old, I have never witnessed such an ineffective team since the Citadel debacle and Crowe was let go after that game. Surely the big money donors are embarrassed with the product on the field, if not, they should be or they know something we don’t. The offensive line is clueless, ever since Chaney/Pittman left, the development of the O-Line has been diagnosed extreme anemic. Pittman had his fill of CBB suggesting he was the guru of coaching linemen up to the next level. It didn’t take long to find out who the real guru was, ask the Georgia Bulldogs.
The defense is slow, or lack of desire to chase opponents down, oh sure there have been a few times but that can be counted on one hand. The rushless defensive line against CC’s 3 or 4 freshmen and 1 sophomore! There is no star power on the D-Line or linebackers.
I’m tired of complaining, we all know and see what’s happening and arrogant Jeff Long has to go too. Another season gone, 0-3 next 3 games, and Razorback fans are left to say once again “Wait til next year”. Wake up Jerry Jones!!!

Look at teams like Iowa State and Kansas State. They compete with players Arkansas wouldn’t even try to recruit for the most part. I hate the thought of a coaching change because if we don’t get a coach with a similar style it will be 4-5 years before we will be competitive. I wanted to give coach Beliema every chance. but yesterday I think I came to the realization that it just isn’t working. I don’t know how we have fallen so far and it really hurts as a fan. I don’t want to be apathetic about it but I find myself doing just that to avoid the pain of be noncompetitive.

I agree Jeff Long has to go. He is a great politician at making himself look good; but, in fact, not a good AD.

Why is he not a good AD, and don’t say just because of football.

Last few days I have thought about this topic of physical development more than any. Coach Kevin Sumlin once made a statement after T&M won a hard fought game against Arkansas 2014 or 2015…Arkansas has physically beat us up, after the season, Coach Sumlin visited for a class in physical development from our coaches. From that time til now Arkansas has become the less developed physically. The limelight has left CBB from his hit SEC series, Razorback Wednesday on the Finebaum Show, so on so on. The honeymoon has left him and Alvarez isn’t here to keep him in check. If we begin to think back there are a lot of things here that play in the Arkansas decline. Coach B has lost the desire to be the head coach at Arkansas.

What physical development! They look more like a volleyball team than a football team. The kids on defense are doing what Rhoades has told them. No pass rush by only having 3 trying to get pressure. They do not come to the ball they stand flat footed waiting for the ball to come to them.
Defending a pass they don’t look for the ball. They fail to wrap up and tackle to the ground.
You have to want to play defense to get the job done. Heart and guts. !

I am in agreement with you guys and I believe the ship has sailed and we need some fresh air brought in. However, there were stretches where we would have great physicality when we came within a point of beating Alabama at home and matching up and dominating 5 Star recruits on LSU. I read an article today about Bielema’s favorite line “were close” is used, however we were also close to disaster in other games that we pulled out as well. I wonder if it is a combination of the lack of recruiting, development, and players giving up on their coach.