Petrino to Texas A&M

Seeing scrolled text at the bottom of the Ark-Missou game that Petrino will be going to A&M as the new OC. Text acknowledges that he had just accepted the same at UNLV.

Any word on this from an official source?

Seems very Petrino like if so.

I had heard that rumor a few weeks back and hated it. Then when Odom went to UNLV and word was he hired Petrino, I was super happy we would not have to deal with the Offensive guru that Petrino is each year. I guess UNLV didn’t get the ink dry quick enough and enough people turned down Jimbo that he decided the risk and baggage of Petrino was worth taking a shot.

I hate to think what Petrino can do with the talent at TAM. That is if Jimbo doesn’t take up too much time wanting to practice defense.

Totally Petrino-like that he’s a great coach and somebody who decided winning was more fun than bending to the snide comments from the peanut gallery hired him.

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