Peavey's injury impact on Storey and Towns

I hate this for Peavey, but maybe some good can come from this?
Can Ty Storey take advantage of the extra snaps in practice? Is it an issue of experience for Storey that keeps him from challenging Peavey?
Can Ricky Towns get enough snaps to knock off the rust quickly and make a move? They say he doesn’t know the offense but I also think they are trying to minimize the hype about him.

Hate it for Rafe, but the Coaches have really minimized the seriousness of the surgery and make it sound as if R P won’t miss a snap in the fall. We will see.
But just the term Back Surgery sends chills down my spine period.
Either way, whether Rafe can go full speed or not, the next one or two in line better be prepared to step up to the plate.

Ricky Town ---- No S

That’s OK. Ryan Mallett started for us for three years and there are still people who spell it Mallet

Has anyone been able to see Storey or Town in spring or summer drills and have any insight?