Peace returns in Nashville

Without getting too winded here for the sake of it becoming national and global news earlier, the Christmas bombing in Nashville has more than likely been resolved. Thanks so very much for any and all prayers, thoughts and concerns.

There is still work to be done to finalize yet the culprit seems to have filled most of the pieces in this bizarre and ludicrous puzzle of events.

Thanks for the “heads up”! Really glad to hear it. I wish that those who have a grievance against whoever or whatever would try to impress us by producing something spectacular rather than destruction, frequently also involving the loss of life! Probably totally unrelated to this event, but when radical Islamics were destroying property and lives earlier I was tempted to purchase billboard space, posting “If Allah wants to destroy America, what makes you think that he needs your help? (Hate is a terrible thing!!)”.

It’s sad when we can’t feel safe in our home country! Senseless acts by cowards never produce positive results for anyone .
I’ve been to combat zones where you expect to have this type of thing happen. But to happen here at home makes me real angry. Regardless of religious beliefs none has the right to take human life! God bless those affected by the bomb! God bless the USA!

Dam shame what is happening here. This year has brought out the worse in America. Some things you just can’t blame on a pandemic.
Prayers for the victims in Nashville and all across this great nation.

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Amen armyhog I know what you mean viet nam vet here Thankfully I think everyone is ok. Now the main concern is WHY he did it.

It just stinks for this junk to happen. It would be nice to turn the news on and not hear about someone getting killed or a bombing.
I follow our hogs and try to keep my focus on church, family and our hogs.

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