Pay for Play

Knowing the Hogs FB Team is scheduled to play 4 teams each year, that get paid to "
Lose " to the Hogs… ( Of course we all know that doesn’t happen ) I became curious about the Hogs Basketball Team. Does the UA or anyone pay other schools BB Teams to Play against the Hogs?

Of course they do. That’s how we get games against people like Austin Peay, and that’s how we get 18 or so home games per year (plus the NLR game). I don’t think we paid for the games in the Roadshow (Montana, Texas Southern, South Dakota and Northern Kentucky), but I may be wrong.

Basically our schedule this year is the SEC schedule, rent-a-wins, the Big 12 Challenge game with TCU, and return games at Georgia Tech and Western Kentucky, and it’s possible that we might return games at Tulsa and Rice in future seasons.

Obviously you’re not going to pay a visitor in hoops what you’d pay in football. But teams like UAPB don’t play any home games in November and December because they’re getting those checks to keep the program afloat. Other than one game before Thanksgiving against some school in Hot Springs I never heard of, UAPB doesn’t have a home game until January 18.

Thanks for the info