Pay boards...

Sure would be nice to read about the first game, the commitment of Ethan Henderson, etc. But I still can’t access the pay boards. For the record, I’m a subscriber and have contacted customer service. Just got a “we’re working on it” from them. :evil:


We tested your login and everything should be working. If you continue to experience difficulty accessing premium content please email

I still can’t access the premium boards.

Same here, can’t get it. This is really frustrating. The change to Whole Hog Sports gets a grade of C minus so far for me.

I have logged in and out three times and still can’t get in!!! I may want my money back, also, if these boards are this bad, how soon before we get hacked!

I still can’t get in either, I’ve been trying since the end of last week. I was an original subscriber to Hawgs Illustrated, and an original subscriber to the website. I am beyond angry, and it makes me even more upset to know they are happily taking my money and I’m getting nothing in return. The site acts as though we’re a bunch of stupid people who don’t know how to operate a computer. Meanwhile, there are other choices for Hog news out there, and they are having no such problems. We had to pay for an upgrade, and in return we are getting a vastly inferior product. With terrible customer relations. As I said, I’m beyond angry. At the very least, I think we should be refunded for the time we have paid with no service. Bet that doesn’t happen though.

I can’t get in either. It blocked me starting about two weeks ago.

If you are not able to access the premium boards, please e-mail us at If you posted on this thread your access has either been fixed or you received an e-mail from me explaining why you cannot access the premium boards. Please remember that if you are not a subscriber to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, then you have to be a Print and Online subscriber to Hawgs Illustrated or an Online only subscriber to this website. Thank you.

had the same problem, go to the LOG in at the top pf the screen not the sign in option they give you in the middle of the screen. That will work. Must log in first, If you try to open a thread it will give you a "sign in and subscribe options. Do not use these options at all. Go to log in at the top.

Let me know if this works.

Same here. No access to pay boards and periodically I get the Login, Subscribe, Register page on a loop. I have to logout and log back in to get access to articles.

I still cannot get on to the premium site, the message that if we can post on this board it means we have been notified of a solution is a false statement. The customer service of this site is atrocious. The people in charge of service should be replaced. Let me repeat that, the people in charge of customer service should be replaced. If you cannot operated a site any better than this, let someone else give it a shot. I’ve been a subscriber of Hawgs Illustrated since the first issue, which had Jason Allen on the cover. I’ve been a member of the HI pay site since it’s inception. Never in 25 years has anything related to HI been this poorly operated. Let me say again, I can’t log in.

Our customer service replied to your email within a couple of hours of you sending it yesterday, and followed up with another email to you last night. The reason you cannot login is because you do not have an online subscription. You must reply to that email or call customer service to have your account resolved.