Patton to U of A

I have seen a couple of recent stories online, including one posted by RD at WHS, saying Jeremy Patton is [finally] on his way to the University of Arkansas. If this kid is truly as advertised and can quickly pick up and learn the playbook, it will assist in both Dan Enos and Austin Allen having a banner year, in my opinion. Given the rumored skill set of Patton and the way tightends are used in Bielema’s offense, the young man should thrive during his time as a Razorback.

Woo Pig.

Ps. Hopefully, the designated pilot or driver will correctly drop Jeremy off in Fayetteville - as opposed to Little Rock, Monticello, Fort Smith or Pine Bluff :wink:

Happy Patton has gotten his academics squared away, now he can focus on the playbook. I too get so very turned around and confused with all the towns in Arkansas. If it wasn’t for the ADG’s thoughtful reminders of the location of our flagship university I might end up in Texarkana. Here’s hoping Patton can find his way…

I hope Mr Patton is ready to contribute in a big way from the word go, but I have concerns about how quickly he learns the playbook. We all know that if you don’t know the playbook inside and out your not going to get on the field, not saying he won’t learn the playbook but apparently he has not put effort into being prepared or he wouldn’t be having academic problems. I know he will have the tutors needed and academic support to succeed, but you still have to do the work yourself so far this is not like some of the schools he could have chosen. Hope he takes this opportunity seriously and flourishes at Arkansas as a tight end and goes on to the NFL and is successful there also, but it’s all up to him. I’ll be rooting for him come fall and wish him the best. WPS

You said he’s going to the University of Arkansas. I’m so confused. Is he going to the one in Fayetteville, Little Rock, Monticello, Pine Bluff, Ft Smith, Morrilton, or one of the dozens of other campuses around the state? The ADG wouldn’t allow such confusion. It always clarifies which one because nobody can possibly figure it out otherwise. :smiley:

When they start selling hog T shirts with Fayetteville on them I wil stop wearing them. The ADG may need to get another job if enough hog fans feel the way I do.

Unfortunately, it is one or more of these state legislators getting their underwear bunched up making tough decisions like this to make sure others know where they went to school is important, too.