Paid Leave

There has been a lot of talk about firing CBB and the hangup seems to be his huge buyout. Why can’t we just put him on paid leave and pay his salary for two years, about $8M vs. the $15.4 buyout? He simply would lose his position, we hire a new coach and continue to pay him. I know he could sue but if we paid the remaining two years, what would be his grounds since he had no loss? Any attorneys on the lounge?

M’balzeshari is your attourney on the lounge with extensive knowledge in contractual law.
So, perhaps balz could sheaf some light on this idea of paid leave.

Go Hogs!

It could be done. As long as you make payment, you can accommodate such. There could be a clause that doesn’t allow advanced payments, but that would be an easy work around versus the other options presented by others.

Firing BB is easy, only affordable financial loss. But the key and HUGE question here is Long’s ability to hire the right coach.
I was speechless when BB’s hiring was announced. It showed that Long does not understand the game and thus a very poor choice. I do not have the confidence that he will make the right decision in hiring a good coach. He’s probably waiting for a “love” letter from another desperate coach.

Long is not the only person that makes this decision. The university administration and board members take a vote on it too. Whether they rubber stamp the pick or not, they all sign off on the hire. Blaming long does you no good. They have committes established to recommend folks. Just because Long is the AD doesn’t mean he gets to pick and choose whomever. If you’ve never worked for a college, then you wouldn’t understand the immense bureaucracy that overwhelmingly runs these places. Nobody can be hired without a committee interview - it is truly a sad process, but I digress.

Regardless, Long won’t pick the next person, just like he didn’t pick this person. He might have recommended him, but the ultimate decision is the university admins and board.