I saw TN the other night. Pretty sure they are overrated. Watching the OU/HOU game. I know it’s the first series, but Houston has NO defense. Overrated maybe an understatement. So is TCU overrated? I really hope so

Apparently OU has NO defense either. Has the SEC spoiled me and made me think defense still exists?

It looked like TCU can be run on and that’s good news for Hogs. Let’s hope the OL is better in pass protection or I can see us becoming really run heavy and that does’t bode well for a team with a green QB. HOGS YA’LL.

Week 1 had several “upsets”. I hope week 2 has a few as well.
Does anyone think OM will fare well against #4 FSU tonight?

The way the 1st week has gone, I would bet it will be a close game full of mental errors and missed assignments.

They’re looking pretty good right now. Their receivers are big and legit. We have some work to do on offense if we’re gonna play our schedule tough this year.

Wow, did things turn around in the 3rd quarter. Fl St just came alive.

TCU had problems with stopping the run with NDSU and that’s good sign for the Hogs. The staff just needs to coach’em up ans scheme a little better and I say we win another nail-biter in the high to low 30’s range on the score. HOGS YA’LL.