Over \\ Under

What does Arkansas Nation feel about the number of offensive plays the Hogs will have in the matchup between our struggling offense and another strong Alabama defensive unit?
Currently, through five games including 2 cupcakes the Hogs are ranked 81st nationally averaging 67.8 offensive plays per game.
I will place the Over / Under line on this stat for this matchup at 55.
If we fall short of 55 it would mean that we are probably having multiple 3 and out drives, while if we get to 60 or more then we are picking up some first downs and extending drives.
I for one think this stat could tell us by halftime wether or not the Hogs can generate any sustained drives and keep our defense and their offense off of the field.
Having said that, the Alabama offense can strike quickly and doesn’t require running the majority of plays or win the time of possession game much as was the case back in our early 2000’s back to back behind the woodshed whippings that the Hands of the USC Trojans.

This is big boy football, the type of football Coach B was supposed to bring to Arkansas. He is going to have another opportunity to see exactly what that type of football looks like up close and personal.
Strap that chinstrap on tight because somebody could lose some teeth in this one.

Good luck Hogs, hope you shock me and the rest of the nation tomorrow.
I’ll be watching and hoping for a miracle!

I expect Arkansas to get about 2/3s of it’s average offensive plays to date.

Saban will probably, by the end of the first quarter, have a 4 TD lead and then instruct his OC to do Bama’s rendition of the ground and pound running game. Kinda show BB how it’s done.

He will want to keep a comfortable lead, but I also think he might go easy on his little buddy in their last meeting. Maybe keep their score somewhere near 42. Doubt the Razorback will get 10.

Don’t know about plays but Arkansas is 0-7 against the spread in their last seven games. Goodness

My guess is under. 45 plays!
It would take a complete miracle but If our defense can catch some breaks on turnovers and score it could help keep the game close. More than likely the Bama wins by 21. I think our offense will take some long shots down field and Cole Kelly will make some big plays in a loss!

If we cross the 50 it will be in the second half against backups and even then I have my doubts. I think this game will get ugly and although I don’t think Saban wants to punish us he’ll have his backups in and they’re better than our starters

If Saban embarrasses us too much, it will just be more fuel on the dumpster fire. The SEC needs a perennial loser like Arkansas, so it can continue to prop up its cash cow schools like LSU and Auburn.