Out Coached Against Va Tech

Folks just get prepared because Arkansas will get out coached against Va Tech. Their DC has been there for a long time and knows how to attack the opponent’s offense.

This game could get ugly.

We also have had time to prepare. Look what happened in the Florida game.

I have been a huge fan of Bud Foster and VaTech for many years. But, I will put Coach Enos up against any DC in the country.

Arkansas is inconsistent not inept, if we are on top of our game we can be very competitive. Should be healthy and hungry with a chip on the shoulder after the Missouri loss. A win with a big showing by the D-line would really help with confidence level going into spring and possibly help with recruiting yet. WPS

I love how before the game is even played, we’ve already been outcoached. Never knew that could happen. Even the greatest coaches get outcoached from time to time. Maybe our “mediocre” staff will step it up for once. SMH.