OU, LSU, AU, Misstake, Mizzou, and KY

Thank the Lord we are not them.

We were too close for comfort. But we might still have a petty decent season if a few things fall into place. I still think 8 wins is about as good as we will do, but that will be a decent year and hopefully the beginning of better things.

Agreed. I know we were disappointed with our team’s progress yesterday. But, after watching the SEC as a whole, I know that I am more content than a lot of other SEC fans.

Tennessee is surely overrated- and A&M looked good. Texas frosh QB looks good as well. I predict Tennesse loses at Bristol to VT. HOGS YA’LL.

The LaTech “victory” is still a win but at least we are 1-0. LaTech exposed some weaknesses before we got to TCU, so at least we can work on them BEFORE we play TCU. TCU will still throw stuff at us but we will be prepared for a bunch of exotic stuff. Don’t forget that AA overcame a bunch of Exotic stuff thrown at him in his FIRST start.

Absolutely, AA did pretty well to me. Yes, he did make a few mistakes. But, I thought overall it was a good first start. The kid will get better!!! :smiley: I did see the outside corners close the gap on the cushion, but the slot cushion was way to much. CBB did say that they told the line to hold their lanes and get their hands up because the Tech QB was getting the ball out in 3 seconds and under. The LG position was a major sore spot most of the day. Gotta fix that now. The running game will be there. I give us an overall B- grade for the game.

I will say this. I live in Bastrop LA. About 30 miles north of Ruston(LATECH). This team has gotten solid recruiting over the last couple of years, and have a lot of swagger. I did think we were going to win with a little more cushion. But, not at all surprised they came to town and got after us. This game was IMHO exactly what we needed. Got the hard earned victory, and plenty of teachable moments. :geek: