Opt outs in NIL world

This may have been discussed, if so my apologies, but if a player has a NIL deal for the season and decides to opt out of the bowl game, is there some breach of the deal?

Don’t know. One thing for sure is a player is going into the NFL Draft I understand those players opting out of a bowl game but a player that’s just out to sign a new NIL deal
To make some a big pay day somewhere else I don’t think that’s right. But that’s where college sports are heading and in a hurry.

I’m just going by what I’ve heard on the Surius XM talk shows. If they have signed a NIL deal and I paid them all year with the expectation of some good publicity for my company because of a bowl game they are likely to participate in snd then they choose not to play they have breached our agreement assuming I did a good job of including the terms in our agreement. They owe me for damages which could include paying me back some of the funds I have already paid them. Part of this process is to educate these athletes in regard to upholding the terms of signed agreements.

A lot depends on how much legal assistance both parties got on the front end to protect their interests.

Has to be a NIL spending cap that for all Division 1 Football teams eligible to compete for national championship.

That would be a start. But a cap won’t keep folks from paying above the cap.

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