Only caught last part of Eddie so

what were the issues that stained uk while Sutton was there?

The kerfluffle about the air freight package to UK recruit Chris Mills popping open with $1000 cash inside, Eddie always contended that was a setup; air freight envelopes don’t just pop open and who would be dumb enough to send cash like that anyway? But Kentucky got probation, Eddie was forced to resign, and the assistant coach whose name was on the envelope got a five-year show cause penalty,

Sutton’s ongoing substance abuse, booster recruiting violations that did not involve Sutton but while under his watch, marginal recruiting success that were less than KY fan expectations, top player leaving KY early for the NBA, & related distractions that resulted in KY’s poor record in his final year.

The ACT cheating scandal involving Eric Manuel and Sean Sutton was another “Stain” on Eddie Sutton’s shirt coaching tenure at the University of Kentucky where by the way he said “ I would crawl all the way to Lexington to be the Head Coach of Kentucky”. Still makes me sick when I think about that and don’t get me wrong Coach Sutton put Arkansas on the map, but I have to admit that after that statement and how things didn’t turn out like what he probably figured it would at UK didn’t hurt my feelings one bit.
Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener or (bluer) in his case on the other side.

THANKS to you all for your input.

It was clarified later & most understood that comment was directed at Broyles. Broyles had just instructed Sutton to seek rehab in NOLA if he wanted to continue at Arkansas. In anger, Sutton quit & made that comment. Sutton later stated that leaving Arkansas was the biggest mistake of his career. As much as I enjoyed Sutton basketball, his remaining at AR would not have ended well.

Even with all the flak flying at Kentucky, he still won the SEC two of the three years… the man was one hell of a coach.

Sutton was the best at developing talent & game day coaching. KY usually sells itself to recruits (both per BB tradition & in buying players) so was a best case scenario. If there was a weakness to Sutton as coach, it was in his recruiting of top or elite talent. Sutton coached games at Barnhill were best memories as a UofA student.

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