One thing I like about this new board

is if you look at the bottom of the page you see who is here. It appears to be different than other boards in that you know exactly who is here, but it may be easy for a new board with less than a full crowd. And maybe when a lot more folks come over it will not be as easy to list who is online. But so far I do like this new board.

Seems like at one point the old HI board had the same feature with who’s online, but maybe I’m confusing it with another site.

Yes, the old board does but this one seems to only indicate the ones actually looking at this site. The others seem to me to have you listed as long as you are signed in. Right now, this one shows me as the only person on the site.

I noticed that yesterday. Like it too. Hope we can get the thread view at some point as well.

Thread view is not available in any board we found. Just not a feature that we’ve found yet. Matt has detailed that and the script writers we’ve talked to say it’s an impossibility with the mobile features we desire. I won’t say it will never happen because we will keep looking, but it’s a tough to do feature apparently.

Clay, if you were to put it to a vote listing the mobile features you mentioned versus the classic, or thread, view, would you expect most on this board would favor the mobile features or the classic view? I ask this because your explanation makes it seem like classic view is possible, but we’d have to sacrifice some/all mobile features.