On the cusp of becoming a solid football team

Arkansas still had way too many penalties, 5 more than LSU. The officials for whatever reason weren’t calling them both ways, until the very end when they had called that exact same false start earlier on Arkansas.

I didn’t agree with the unsportsmanlike penalty, it should have been off setting, Knox was pushed several times, before he retaliated.

And I didn’t think that penalty they called for illegal formation was legit either. The officials definitely weren’t equitable in their distribution…

Arkansas has the talent to compete next week, but Alabama has the psychological advantage, and they will be significantly more healthy and rested, having not REALLY playing yesterday. Arkansas has two strikes against them already, and we all know Alabama gets every call their way, so 2.5 really. So Arkansas will have to get some turnovers to have s chance…

Even when Knox was leaving the sideline the first
guy to make contact was a LSU player bumped him pretty hard and bounced him off another LSU player.

On the sideline Knox was getting assaulted and the lame ref who never saw anything gets there late and apparently assumed Knox was the problem as lame Refs do. Easy offsetting call, but should have been all
LSU easily. They started and finished it, but got none of it.

Knox penalty on 4th down he was responsible for but I blame the sideline. Nobody caught it.

Finally on the cusp of being a solid football team, I would agree.

My thinking is we were a 6-6 team last year, had we played our usual 3 cupcake presents toward bowl eligibility we probably win them seeing we won 3 SEC games. So for me 7 wins was the improvement marker for me from last year. And here we are and still have a shot at 8 or 9. 7 is advancing the program, at least from here you can see 9-10 wins in our future.

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