On a serious note, some things are FAR more important than a stupid game

I want to continue to pray for Nate Oats ( Alabama coach) his wife and their 3 girls, as they continue to fight this terrible disease, that she’s been fighting valiantly for a few yrs now. They’re ALL winners in life, no matter if they never win another stupid game, ever again.

Also… Please keep in mind, when you refuse to wear a mask, for political reasons, or you’re just evil and stupid. You make it much harder for the many people out there that are fighting for their lives, with weakened immune systems. Keep that in mind, while we all have our different opinions, I don’t think anyone wants to contribute to the death of another human being, so please wear your masks, if not for you, for people like Ms. Oats who has been fighting Cancer valiantly for several yrs now.

Thank you :pray:

Well noted & prayers to the Oats Family. May God Bless.
Cancer is terrible - I lost both parents and an older sister to it.

God bless and prayers :pray: for the Coach Oates and his family. Cancer is a horrible disease.

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