Oline shuffle

“I have no problems playing six or seven guys for the rest of the season if they’re playing well,” offensive line coach Kurt Anderson said.

Is this a philosophical flaw that Anderson will work out of. I’m not a football coach, but the body of work doesn’t support this approach. SEC coaching seems to be questionable all the way around.

I think anything involving the Oline is open to question whether you know everything in the world about football or nothing, with this team. The OL play has been absolutely horrible under Kurt Anderson, and the recruiting hasn’t been much better. I’m truly under the assumption that he was not ready for this job.

That would appear to fly in the face of developing the “cohesive unit theory” espoused by most OL coaches I’ve heard speak from time to time at Arkansas.

Is it the players or the coach? Either way the players seldom get fired.

It sort of reminds me of the age old saying about QB’s, “If you’re playing 2, then you don’t really have 1.”
I don’t know if the O-Line issues are poor talent evaluation or player development, but perhaps it’s a little bit of both. I mean we aren’t signing anything but mostly 3 star O-Linemen and the occasional 4 star (Jalen Merrick) and he can’t seem to get on the field yet.
I just hope that several f the current guys that are redshirted are being developed and getting physically larger and stronger so that they are ready to come in next season and play like grown men because that’s what it takes in the SEC.

Go Hogs!