Oklahoma State is a big one on Saturday..

Obviously a loss would drastically hurt our tourney chances. And yes, I know Linardi’s current projections, it’s a long season, and we have a long way to go. We’re back to even par now, that win tonight, made up for the ugly shooting night against LSU.

Oklahoma State shoots lights out from the free throw line, they’re one of the best in the nation from the line.

They have about 5 Guards that score very well, led by Jeffrey Carroll, cool name…LOL

They’re extremely confident right now just beating Oklahoma and barely losing on the road against the #14 Red Raiders.

We will have to play a great game to get a good resume win on Saturday…

WALTON needs to be Rocking Sat.

Yeah, considering not looking at the BOX score to get the exact score, but they beat us like a drum last yr, I mean it was brutal. And that was without a doubt the loudest stadium of the yr, their fans brought their A game last yr for sure…

The fans need to quit sitting back waiting for the team to excite them in the last couple of minutes. They need to be on their feet and loud when we’re defending, early and often.

Gallagher-Iba Arena has long been one of the loudest. I’ve left that place a many a time with ears ringing. It was quite a bit smaller back then, but it’s still loud because the fans are seemingly right on top of the court. BWA is larger and not quite as cozy, but it, too, can be loud. It’s a matter of the fans being engaged from the outset. Hopefully those there Saturday will be the Sixth Man.

Part of the energy in any game comes from what fans see on the court. If the hogs come out flat and spot the cowboys 15 it may be be quiet.
The resume needs to be built with wins. This is a home game and we don’t need any more losses at home. We also need to gain some steam on the road and win on the road. This bunch just doesn’t come out hungry from the tip! They need quality shots from scorers. It would also be nice to win the rebounding battle. Limiting an opponent to one shot helps build leads.
The silly turnover with illegal screens and offensive fouls pushing off kill you too. We had several last night and we had those in the Moo U loss on the road.
When the hogs play hard and simply miss shots I can live with it but giving up uncontested layups and wide opens 3’s is just hard to watch.
What we will see on Saturday is anyone’s best guess. Let’s hope the hogs are getting geared up for a winning streak that can carry them up through mid February.
11 games left in the regular season it’s possible to go 10-1 closing those out if they play well.

we should be fairly confident ourselves coming off our first true road win. we are finally getting decent contributions from Hall and Jones, we are hard to beat if we get 20pts combined from those 2. my guess is Gafford has a big game after getting shut out by GA. i will say the GA game we were setup for success because of their roster configuration. our biggest weakness is containing drive and dish point guards like Waters from LSU and Chiozza from Florida and GA did not have that. i know thats why the cowboys drilled us last year because of their great pg. not familiar enough with this years team to know if they have this type of player again. im hoping BWA will give us enough of a boost to overcome the pokes. go hogs

I don’t know if this OSU is better than last season’s with two stellar guards moving on but may be at least equal with graduate transfer Kendal Smith & several 6-6 g/f types among top 9. Formula for success may follow #14 Texas Tech’s comeback win if hogs get down by 10 or less in the 1st half. Their coach cited home court advantage as only reason able to overcome OSU and maybe further aided by Tech’s top 10 defense (rebounding was even 31-31). I think they will pose tougher match up than GA so a home win will be very impressive against them.

We are very capable of winning the game against OSU come Saturday after a confidence boost from the Georgia win. I have complained numerous times in here about the inconsistency of MA teams and I come to the conclusion that we need to be a little more sound on both ends of the court, but I believe after watching replays of our games that we may have bigger problem with being mentally prepared. We have issues of getting to laid back when we have a good lead then get down on ourselves terribly when we fall behind. Seems to me we play best towards the end of close games and we tend to have better focus on the situation at hand. If MA can some how eliminate the roller coaster ride and level out the peaks and valleys we could actually become a dangerous team down the stretch as our freshmen mature. WPS